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23 Best Wear OS Apps for Android Smartwatch in 2022

Several smartwatches from Samsung, Fossil, and other brands come with Google Wear OS. In fact, Google’s new Pixel Watch, too, runs the Android Wear operating system. Wear OS makes the smartwatch function like a smartphone by allowing it to install and run apps. While we discussed web browsers for Android smartwatch earlier, here are some of the best Wear OS apps you can download and try for free in 2022.

Best Wear OS Apps for Android Smartwatch

Best Productivity Apps for Wear OS

These are the apps that let you do your daily tasks directly from your wrist without using your smartphone. These apps will improve your productivity with daily tasks like taking notes, reminders, etc.

1. Google Assistant

You can install Google Assistant from Play Store on all Wear OS smartwatches including the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 5. On the other hand, many watches like Pixel Watch have it built in, out of the box.

Using Google Assistant on your smartwatch, you can get answer to your queries, set alarms, send messages and make calls, and even control your smart home devices linked to the Google account. You can wake the voice assistant by either using a shortcut key or by saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google.”

Key Features:

  • Get answers to your queries using voice
  • Make calls and send messages using your voice
  • Set alarms hands-free
  • Control smart home devices
  • Set timers, reminders, or add notes
  • And everything else the assistant can do

Download App: Google Assistant for Wear OS

2. Google Keep Notes

Google Keep lets you write and save important notes with titles and descriptions on your smartwatch. Apart from saving text notes, it also allows adding images, recording voice memos, and sharing notes with others.

After saving any note, it will be synced to your Google account, and you can access it anytime on your phone, laptop, tablet, or Android watch.

Key Features:

  • Add notes, lists, and photos to Google Keep
  • Share your Keep notes with others
  • Add colors and labels to your notes to easily find them
  • Quick sync with Google account
  • Accessible on all Android platforms – phones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches
  • Set location-based reminders on notes

Download App: Google Keep for Wear OS

3. Multi Calculator & Currency Converter

Multi Calculator is not an ordinary calculator app. It is a complete solution for mathematical and financial calculation. It has a simple interface and is easy to use.

On Wear OS smartwatches, the app provides two features- Standard Calculator and Currency Converter. You can use the standard calculator for all mathematical calculations. In the Currency Converter, you can check updated rates of all currencies and convert one currency to another.

Key Features:

  • Clean and easy UI
  • Standard Calculator and Currency Converter
  • All calculator functions and maths operators
  • Records history of last calculations
  • Real-time currency exchange rates
  • Use the currency converter offline

Download App: Multi Calculator for Wear OS

4. Camera One Remote Control

Camera One app for Wear OS is a one-way solution to control and use your phone’s camera from your smartwatch. It allows you to remotely take photos from both the front and rear cameras of your phone.

You can also take videos, change sizes, zoom in/zoom out, set exposure, use filters, etc. Interestingly, you can also save copies of the photos on the watch. It can be quite useful while taking selfies and group photos, recording videos from a distance, using the phone as a security camera control, and more.

Key Features:

  • Switch camera front and rear (Swipe gesture)
  • Take photos and videos by turning the wrist
  • Save image copies on the watch
  • Works even when the phone screen is off
  • Different buttons layout styles
  • Set a timer of 2, 5, or 10 seconds

Download App: Camera One: Wear OS

5. Ultimate Alexa Assistant

Ultimate Alexa is a universal voice assistant that uses Amazon Alexa voice service and can run on any Wear OS watch. You can use it to see weather forecasts, news headlines, Wikipedia, and much more.

The interesting thing about this app is that if your watch doesn’t have a microphone and speaker, it will use the connected phone to listen to your command. You can use Alexa on Wear OS as an alternative to Google Assistant and Bixby (on Samsung watches).

Key Features:

  • Works on all Wear OS watches
  • Uses official Amazon Alexa service
  • Make phone calls and send/read messages
  • Thousands of third-party skills
  • Works with watches without microphone through phone

Download App: Ultimate Alexa – The Voice Assistant

Best Gaming Apps for Wear OS

At times, you may want to try games on your watch to kill the time. Here, we have listed some interesting games you can play on your Wear OS smartwatch.

6. PetQuest Virtual Pet

PetQuest Virtual Pet is a simulation game where you can own a virtual pet and take care of it. You can choose a dog, a cat, or a reptile as your virtual pet. Feed and play with your pet, and as it grows, new activities and games will be unlocked.

There are many mini-games available, and you can earn in-game resources by playing these games. It is a good and indulging game for everyone as your virtual pet also shares its feelings.

Key Features:

  • Choose from three adorable virtual pets
  • Take your pet to adventure and garden
  • Play mini-games and earn game resources
  • Track your pet’s care history in the history graph
  • Ad-free clean and functional design
  • Minimal battery usage

Download App: PetQuest Virtual Pet (Wear OS Games)

7. Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop is an exciting puzzle game available for Wear OS. It is a fun way to increase your logical skills. It’s just a game of connecting multiple things or intricate looping patterns with endless levels.

This game can be a stress buster for you as it is created to solve interesting levels in a simple and cleaner app design. You have to connect the loop pieces and complete the loop.

Key Features:

  • Increase your logical skills
  • Simple and clean design
  • Infinite endless levels
  • Save data in Google Play Games
  • Free-to-play game for Android smartwatches

Download App: Infinity Loop: Calm & Relaxing

8. Combat Wear

Combat War- Best Gaming Apps for Wear OS

Combat Wear is an adventure role-playing game made for Wear OS and is a free-to-play game. It has a classic old RPG design which is very attractive and fun to play. Each hero character has different powerful abilities which are fully upgradable.

Build your game castle and construct a blacksmith to upgrade weapons and more. It has many random maps and campaign events to fight and save your kingdom.

Key Features:

  • Classic adventure RPG design
  • Attractive in-game features
  • Random maps and Campaign events
  • Free to play
  • Simple and easy to play

Download App: Combat Wear Wear OS Watch

Best Customization Apps for Wear OS

There are many customization options available for Android smartwatches. Using apps, one can modify and customize watch features and watch faces. Below are some of the best customization apps you can use on your Wear OS watch.

9. Wear Gesture Launcher

Using Wear Gesture Launcher, you can set up gestures like making letters for specific apps to open them. You can also launch your phone’s apps from your watch itself by setting up this feature in-app.

It comes preloaded with popular app gestures, which you can customize yourself. Just create any letter on the lock screen, and it will open the assigned app on your Wear OS smartwatch.

  • Set up Gestures to open apps
  • Launch mobile apps from the watch
  • Vibration feedback support
  • Free to use
  • Simple and easy app UI
  • Fully standalone app based on Android Wear 2.0

Download App: Wear Gesture Launcher – Wear OS

10. WatchMaker to Make Watch Faces

WatchMaker is a huge watch faces application for smartwatches. It has more than 1,00,000 watch faces which you can customize yourself. The watch designer feature lets you design and create your watch faces with interesting design tools to apply to your watch.

With available tools, you can also create animations, effects, widgets, icons, etc.

Key Features:

  • 1,00,000+ Watch Faces available (10,000 Free)
  • Create your own watch faces
  • Add custom animations and effects
  • Add a compass and stopwatch
  • Set widgets like Step Counter, Pedometer, Calendar, etc.
  • Weather Reports available
  • Both circular and square watch faces are available
  • Low Battery Usage

Download App: Watch Faces – WatchMaker

Best Entertainment Apps for Wear OS

Entertainment is essential for everyone to stay active and happy. We have curated some of the most popular entertainment apps for your smartwatch, which you can download and use directly on your wrist. These apps include music, podcasts, and more.

11. Spotify Music

Spotify is one of the most popular music apps available on all platforms including Wear OS and Android. It has thousands of songs, podcasts, and Spotify originals to search for and play instantly.

Whether you are looking for classic 90’s songs or modern hip hops, you will get everything on Spotify. You can listen to your favorite songs for free, and if you want to download any song or album offline, you can subscribe to Spotify premium.

Key Features:

  • Free Music Streaming
  • Use shuffle mode for a fun experience
  • Stream radio stations and International songs
  • Download songs and trendy music
  • Create and share your own playlist
  • Play and listen to Podcasts

Download App: Spotify: Music and Podcasts

12. Wear Casts Podcasts

Wear Casts is a dedicated podcast app for Wear OS that has multiple functionalities. You can download any podcast and stream it offline anytime. You can also set automatic downloads for new episodes of any particular podcast series on your smartwatch.

Add keywords in different podcasts, and those podcasts having these keywords will be auto-downloaded. It can also import podcasts from your phone using RSS feeds or OMPL file format.

Key Features:

  • Download and stream podcasts offline
  • Keywords download for different Podcasts
  • Import Podcasts from phone
  • Auto-download new episodes
  • Create custom playlists

Download App: Wear Casts

13. Shazam Music Recognition

Shazam is an interesting app that can identify any song, artist, lyrics, videos, and playlist. This app is very useful and can identify songs on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok videos. It can also be used without an internet connection in offline conditions.

You can also enable Auto Shazam, which will keep finding the songs even when the app is closed. Shazam charts can also show you popular in your city or country. It uses the microphone on your smartwatch to record the audio playing around you and find a match.

Key Features:

  • Discover artists, songs, videos, and playlists for free
  • Watch music videos from Apple Music or YouTube
  • Identify music on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok
  • Works offline
  • Shazam Charts shows popular songs in country or city
  • Open any song on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music

Download App: Shazam for Wear OS

Best Utility Apps for Wear OS

These apps will let you use the full potential of a smartwatch, whether it is a messenger app or a map. Let’s look at some of the best utility apps for WearOS smartwatches in 2022.

14. Telegram Messaging

Best Utility Apps for Wear OS

Telegram is a popular messenger app with many cool features apart from connecting with people. It is a standalone app, so it syncs in real time on all your devices. It has unlimited app storage, which does not require device storage for your entire chat history, including messages and media.

All your chats and messages are encrypted with 256-bit symmetric AES encryption. You can create up to 200,000 members group and share any file type (.DOCX, MP3, ZIP, etc.) up to 2 GB each.

Key Features:

  • Simple, fast, and instant messaging
  • Real-time sync in all devices
  • Send and receive unlimited media files
  • All chats and media are 100% encrypted
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Bunch of productivity features

Download App: Telegram for Wear OS

15. IFTTT Smart Automation

IFTTT is a really interesting app that does things like “If this then that.” Using it, you can set a particular action to be done in a particular situation. For instance, you can set it to send messages in Discord automatically when you post a video on YouTube.

Another example- is you can set a function that will send you a notification if your smart cam detects activity. There are many similar functions available in the app, which you can try in the mobile app and the watch app.

Key Features:

  • Over 700 popular services
  • Use over 1,00,000 pre-built automation
  • Use location to automatically enable services
  • Connect and Integrate seamlessly
  • Create a connected space between apps

Download App: IFTTT – Automation & Workflow

16. Google Maps & Navigation

Google Maps is the most used location-tracking application provided by Google. This app supports over 220 countries and territories with hundreds of millions of businesses and places on the map.

You can use it to navigate and get real-time traffic and public transport info in the app itself. You can also search and navigate in offline conditions. It also has an indoor maps feature that shows you all the ways to airports, stadiums, shopping centers, etc.

Key Features:

  • Support over 220 countries and territories
  • Real-time ETAs and traffic updates
  • Real-time public transport info
  • Automatic rerouting based on live traffic
  • Millions of shops, restaurants, and events on Google Maps
  • Live route updates and offline tracking

Download App: Google Maps

17. Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung internet browser is a clean yet feature-packed internet browser. It has a video assistant that helps to use the browser easily. It also has some useful features like dark mode, a customized menu, and extensions such as a translator.

You can also use Samsung Internet to watch YouTube on WearOS watch or access your favorite forums and websites.

Key Features:

  • HTTPS Priority Connection
  • Block tracking by invisible image
  • Security features to protect privacy
  • Smart anti-tracking feature
  • Supports 3rd party apps for content blocking
  • Clean and seamless UI

Download App: Samsung Internet Browser

18. Bring! Shopping Lists

Bring is a shopping list app with many useful features making it so easy to use. You can create shopping lists in one tap by just clicking on recipes. There are different categories of recipes, including vegan recipes, healthy recipes, fitness recipes, and recipes for kids.

You can share your shopping list with others, and whenever someone gets any ingredient, it will update the list in real time.

Key Features:

  • Create a shopping list in one tap
  • Make your own shopping list or choose from templates
  • Quantity Calculator for the exact number of servings and ingredients
  • Import recipes from the web
  • Add, descriptions, quantities, and photos to your list
  • Manage shopping list with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Download App: Bring! Grocery Shopping List

19. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is an ad-free and free-to-use SMS app for all android devices, including Wear OS. The app syncs your messages across all your devices. You can send text messages, pictures, and voice messages on any device with an internet connection.

It has end-to-end encryption, which protects your message history, and no one can access your chats except you. It shows automated replies based on your contacts, keywords, and vacation/driving modes.

Key Features:

  • Attractive design and fluid animations
  • Suggest Smart Replies withing the conversation
  • PBKDF2 encryption key to protect your messages
  • Automatic data backup in Pulse SMS account
  • Dual SIM support
  • Password-protected text conversations
  • Real-time sync in all devices

Download App: Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web)

 20. Uber Cabs

Uber is a well-known online cab service available across several countries. It is an easy-to-use app that uses location services to find a cab for you anywhere. It shows an estimated price for the ride according to the distance between the pickup and drop location.

You can also share your trip status with your family or friends, which allows them to track your cab location in real time. Besides, you can also use the Emergency button if you do not feel safe and nearby authorities will receive your trip status.

  • Shows the estimated price of the ride
  • Share trip status with others
  • Emergency button for your safety
  • Tip and Rate your driver
  • Find a ride anywhere around you

Download App: Uber – Request a ride

Best Fitness Apps for Wear OS

A lot of people rely on their smartwatch for fitness data, thanks to onboard health features like heart rate monitor, SpO2 monitor, stress monitor, and more that help keeps you active.

21. Google Fit

Google Fit is the default health-tracking app on most smartwatches and also one of the complete health suites you can install on your Android smartwatch. Using it, you can the calories you’ve burnt so far, track your GPS routes while walking or running, and keep a tab on your health via heart points.

Google Fit app also lets you measure heart rate apart from the smartwatch’s built-in heart rate measurement feature. Overall, it’s a great app to have all your health and fitness data in a clean, sorted interface.

Key Features:

  • Track your calories
  • Measure and track heart rate
  • Check walking or running data
  • Sleep duration, move minutes, and more.

Download App: Google Fit

22. Fit Companion 

The Fit Companion is a fitness app that extends the existing Google Fit app with additional features. It will remind you to walk with active hours and move reminders. You can check detailed health stats such as sleep data, heart rate data, and more.

Add weight loss goals and it will keep you notified with a weight management feature that supports body weight and body mass. It uses fitness data from your Google Fit account and syncs the same along with its data.

Key Features:

  • Syncs with Google Fit data
  • Detailed stats of health data
  • Weight management for body fat and body mass
  • Create sleep goals with sleep stages
  • Monthly workout calendar
  • Active hours and move reminders

Download App: Fit Companion

23. Wake Up Well 

Unlike any other alarm clock app, Wake Up Well observes your sleeping phases and tries to wake you up in a light stage. This, as proven in studies, helps you wake up refreshed and energized as opposed to waking up in deep sleep.

It is similar to the Smart Wake feature found on Fitbit devices. The app takes a buffer window of 20 minutes from the set alarm time. And based on your sleep analysis, it tries to wake you up in the right mood.

Key Features:

  • Wake in the right mood
  • Smart alarm based on your sleep stage
  • Gently wake you up with vibration

Download App: Wake Up Well

Wrapping Up– Wear OS Apps for 2022

These were some of the best Wear OS apps you can use to make your Android smartwatch more productive and useful in 2022. Our favorite apps that we use on our Samsung Galaxy smartwatch are Google Keep, Shazam, and Spotify. Anyways, which app do you like the most? Tell us in the comments.



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