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BeatXP Infinity Weighing Scale Review: Measures More Than Weight!

  • Amit Rahi 

BeatXP Infinity is a one-of-a-kind weighing scale that comes with a handlebar attached to it. This handlebar lets you measure vital body measurements like BMI, muscle mass, and more. We got our hands on this weighting scale and after using it for a couple of weeks and here are my thoughts about this Infinity BMI Weighing scale.

BeatXP Infinity Weighing Scale with BMI Review

BeatXP Weighing Scale
7.5 Reviewer
Good build and design | Live measure on app | Rechargeable | Multiuser support
On the pricier side
Design and Build8
Mobile App7

BeatXP Infinity Weighing Scale: Unboxing

  • Infinity BMI Weighing scale
  • USB Type C charging cable cable
  • User manual.

BeatXP Infinity Weighing Scale: Design and Build

The Infinity Weighing scale looks like any other regular weighing scale except for a big display and a cable coming out of it. That cable connects to a handlebar with some electrodes on either side to hold on to when measuring weight.

The scale looks and feels very sturdy, it has some weight to it but the handlebar attached to it is very light. It comes with a strong ITO glass top with sensors to collect data about your body.

The Infinity Weighing scale has a big display on the top that shows your weight and six other body measurements. There is a power button on the bottom side and a USB Type C port to charge the scale.

It comes in dark color which keeps it from looking dirty for longer. The display on the scale is also bright enough to read the data easily. Overall the design of the scale is premium and the scale can be used by anyone in the house.

BeatXP Infinity Weighing Scale: Features

BeatXP Infinity Weighing scale comes with a lot of health features other than telling your weight. You need to step on the scale barefoot and hold the handlebar so that your thumb and fingers touch the electrodes.

Wait for till the scale records your health data and it will be visible on the screen and in the app. The screen shows the weight of the person and 6 of the most important readings; body fat, BMI, muscle rate, muscle mass, body age, and bone mass.

To know about more readings, you need to switch to the app and there you can see all the other data that you don’t see on the scale. There is a lot of information that you see about your body in the app, naming a few are BMI, visceral fat, body water skeleton muscle, and many more. It also shows your obesity level and tells you if your body is overweight.

BeatXP Infinity Weighing Scale: Fitdays App

The app is very simple but it shows all the readings live from the scale including the weight as well. Pairing the scale to the app is very easy and you can create your profile on it. The app supports multiple profiles so everyone in the house can track their daily data. It also lets you sync the data with your Google Fit, Fitbit, or Samsung Health account.

You can set your goals to achieve in the app and work out to achieve them. The app comes with tutorial links everywhere which come in handy in a lot of situations. You get to track your data in graphical format which is very convenient if you are on a special diet or something.

The app comes with a heart rate measurement feature that uses your smartphone’s flash to measure. It works similarly to Google Fit’s heart rate tool.

BeatXP Infinity BMI Weighing Scale: Pros and Cons


  • Good build and design
  • Live measure on app
  • Rechargeable
  • Multiuser support


  • Bit Pricy

BeatXP Infinity Weighing Scale Review: Final Verdict

The BeatXP Infinity Weighing scale is an amazing device to measure a lot more than just your body weight. If you are a health-conscious person, then this weighing scale will help you a lot. The scale is priced at Rs 4,199 and it comes with 18 months replacement warranty which is great.

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