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Ambrane Wise Glaze Review: A Perfect Smartwatch at Rs 2,999

Ambrane is a popular smartphone accessories brand in India that started with power banks but has now entered the smartwatch market. The Wize Glaze is one of the first smartwatches from the brand, and the specifications look really promising according to the price. Here’s our full review of Ambrane Wise Glaze with pros and cons to help you decide if it’s worth buying.

Ambrane Wise Glaze Review

Ambrane Wise Glaze: Full Review

The Ambrane Wise Glaze offers a big AMOLED and a smooth user interface at Rs 2,999. The watch comes in four amazing colors to choose from. We got the Black one to review, and here is everything you need to know about this smartwatch.

Ambrane Wise Glaze Review: A Perfect Smartwatch at Rs 2,999
8.3 Reviewer
Big AMOLED Display, 60Hz refresh rate, IP 68, Decent Build, Bluetooth Calling
Lacks Auto Brightness feature, Mediocre Battery backup
Ambrane Wise Glaze is one of the first attempts at making a smartwatch from the brand and I think it did a really great job. The kind of features you are getting in this smartwatch are all premium features that you get on smartwatches with a higher price tag. I can easily recommend you this smartwatch at this price if you are not looking for an extraordinary battery backup.

Ambrane Wise Glaze: Box Contents

  • Ambrane Wise Glaze Smartwatch
  • Magnetic charger
  • User manual

Ambrane Wise Glaze: Design and Build

Ambrane Wise Glaze Review Design

The Ambrane Wise Glaze smartwatch has a polycarbonate casing with a metallic finish. This gives the watch a premium feel while keeping the watch’s overall weight at 41 grams, including straps. The display has curved edges to blend with the rest of the case and avoid sharp edges. There is a multifunction button on the right side with the Ambrane logo imprinted on it. The loudspeaker is provided on the left side of the watch, right under the case.

The back panel of the watch is black polycarbonate with the sensors bump and the charging points. You will also find the microphone hole facing to the side to keep it from getting muffled. The thickness of the watch is also very decent, and looks like a regular watch on the wrist. The straps are made of silicon material, and they are very soft. However, the have a slightly sticky finish on top that may feel uncomfortable to some. The pin and buckle mechanism is made of metal and keeps the watch secure on your wrist.

The straps are also user replaceable so that you can replace these with any 22mm wrist straps. There’s IP68 water and dust resistance to protect the watch from dust and water. Overall the design of the watch is decent, and since it is lightweight, it stays steady on the wrist.

Ambrane Wise Glaze: Display

Ambrane Wise Glaze comes with a big 1.78 inches AMOLED display with a curved cover glass to give it a premium touch. The display has uniform bezels all around, which are comparatively thinner than in other brands. Ambrane claims that the display on this watch has a brightness rating of 1000 Nits which we only see in premium smartwatches. We tested the brightness of this watch on our LUX meter and got a reading of 500, which shows that the claims are true.

Ambrane Wise Glaze Review Display

At full brightness, the content on this smartwatch’s display is perfectly visible, even under direct sunlight. Apart from brightness, this watch got another premium feature up its sleeve, and that is a 60Hz refresh rate. The user interface and animations feel super smooth on this display, making the experience better than most smartwatches at this price. Ambrane did a very good job in the display department of this smartwatch.

Ambrane Wise Glaze: Features

Ambrane Wise Glaze Review Calling

The Ambrane Wise Glaze smartwatch comes with all the features that you expect on a smartwatch with a similar price tag. You get all the notifications from your phone right on the watch, you get call alerts as well, and you can measure all your body’s vitals. It can measure Heart Rate, SpO2, steps, and sleep, which you can see in the watch interface itself. You can set the heart rate and blood oxygen reading to continuous from the app to get your full-day record.

This watch comes with a Bluetooth calling feature which is a desired feature in smartwatches in this price range. Plus, it has its own call alert tones, or you can use the smartphone’s ringtone for that. The voice is clear during the call because it got a very loud loudspeaker, but the microphone sounds a bit muffled since it is placed at the back of the watch. The UniPair technology onboard enables the watch to connect for data sync and Bluetooth falling, both at the same time.

Ambrane Wise Glaze: User Interface

The Amrane Wise Glaze has a highly customizable and beautiful user interface with smooth animations and touch response. Swiping on the smartwatch feels very smooth, and the best part is that you need to swipe way less than other smartwatches to open the desired feature. Swiping down on the watch face brings down the quick settings, and swiping up brings up the notification page that shows all the notifications received on your smartphone.

Swiping right on the watch face opens a small quick settings bar that can be customized with desired shortcuts. Finally, swiping left on the smartwatch shows different widgets or pages. These pages can be added or removed from the watch and arranged in the needed order. You can set up to six pages with the widgets and even disable them if you don’t want that many. And, of course, tapping and holding the watch face brings up the different watch faces to choose from.

Ambrane Wise Glaze: HaWo App

HaWo app is needed to connect the smartwatch to the smartphone, and it is available on both- Android and iOS. The home page shows all the vital readings, and you can expand a specific reading to see it in detail. The workout page shows all the details of the daily workouts you do with the watch on your wrist. The next is the Device tab which lets you control all the watch’s features right from there. You can also change the smartwatch faces from the Device tab, including a custom watch face.

The custom watch face is unique as it lets you put complications on a custom watch face. You can choose a different image, choose a different clock type and add complications like heart rate, battery weather, or daily steps. You can check out our in-depth guide about creating and applying these customizable watch faces on Ambrane Wise Glaze smartwatch.

Ambrane Wise Glaze: Battery and Connectivity

With the UniPair feature, you only need to pair the watch once and use all the features without needing to reconnect the watch. It comes with Bluetooth 5.2 and quickly connects to the watch at first use. Once you pair it with the smartphone, it stays connected till your phone’s Bluetooth range. Overall the connectivity is great, and it takes very less tie to sync all the data to the smartphone.

Ambrane Wise Glaze Review Battery

The battery on this smartwatch is a 280 mAh Li-ion cell that can be charged using the pogo pin magnetic connector at the back. It can give you about a week of usage when used at 70 to 80 percent brightness and always on display turned off. If you crank the brightness to the maximum and turn on AOD simultaneously, you will get three days of backup at best. The charging time is under 1 hour if you own a quick charge brick which is a decent speed.

Pros and Cons

Reasons to Buy

  • Big AMOLED Display
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • Very bright display
  • Continuous HR ad SpO2 readings
  • Great connectivity
  • Single Pair Bluetooth calling

Reasons Not to Buy

  • No auto brightness feature
  • Comparatively less battery backup

Ambrane Wise Glaze Review: Final Verdict

This brings us to the end of Ambrane Wise Glaze review. The Wise Glaze is one of the first attempts at making a smartwatch from the brand, and I think it did a really great job. The features you get in this smartwatch are usually found at much higher price tags. I can easily recommend this smartwatch at this price if you are not looking for an extraordinary battery backup.

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