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21 Reasons Why You Need (& Why You Should Use) a Smartwatch

We always discuss different smartwatches, their advantages, and new technologies in the smartwatch industry. Many people are adapting this gadget and using it daily for different purposes. But, there is still a side of people who think differently about smartwatches and don’t think of getting one for themselves. Therefore, in this article, we will share the top reasons why you need and should use a smartwatch.

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Benefits Of a Smartwatch and Reasons You Need One!

There are many different uses of a smartwatch that can make your day more productive. It can also improve your health by providing alerts and data on activities like running, walking, etc. Follow up on the article to know more.

1. Notifications On the Go

A smartwatch’s most useful and important feature is notifications on your wrist. You can receive all your phone’s notifications on the watch whenever it arrives in real-time.

You can check all the important app notifications, call notifications, and SMS alerts directly on the watch. When any notification hits your phone, it also arrives on the watch, showing the message on the screen.

2. Calling on the Wrist

You can make and receive calls directly on the watch. Most smartwatches feature Bluetooth calling, which allows you to make and receive calls through the watch over a Bluetooth connection. It is possible with the built-in speaker and microphone on the smartwatch.

There are some cellular smartwatches on which you can use a dedicated eSIM for calling and data. It is available on popular watches such as Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch. The calling feature on smartwatches ends the need for a smartphone to make and receive calls.

3. Recording Daily Steps Count

You can record your daily steps count with the help of a smartwatch. When you wear a smartwatch, it automatically starts counting the steps you walk and run throughout the day.

After recording, it shows you the steps counted on the watch and the calories burnt. This smartwatch feature uses a pedometer to count your steps and complete daily goals.

4. Activity/Workout Data Recording

A smartwatch has multiple activity/workout modes to record your specific workout data. If you are a workout enthusiast or an athlete, you should register your activity data and check how well you have done.

You can check the time of your workout, calories burnt, heart rate data, and activity score based on all these things. This feature is great for checking and improving your workout data.

5. Health tracking on the Wrist

The most useful feature of a smartwatch is health tracking. You can track your health stats, including heart rate, blood oxygen, and stress level, directly on your wrist.

The smartwatches have built-in sensors to track all the health data, which detects and shows the data to you. You can also compare your health stats daily to maintain good health. And, if you have a high or low heart rate, you can do a breathing exercise with your smartwatch.

6. Use Torch on the go

You can use a smartwatch as a torch or flashlight as well. There is an option to enable the torch that brightens the screen to the maximum level with white light. It can be helpful in emergencies. AMOLED display watches usually have a more robust and bright torch.

So, the torch feature on smartwatches helps light up the dark areas if you don’t have a handheld torch or your phone with you.

7. Calculator on Your Wrist

If you need a calculator urgently, it’s available right on your smartwatch. Many smartwatches also have a built-in calculator for quick calculations on the go. You can use it to do complex calculations if you don’t have your smartphone.

So, you don’t have to carry a dedicated calculator or bring out your phone from your pocket for calculations, as it is made easy with the smartwatch.

8. Play Games On Your Watch

People generally play games on their smartphones or PCs, but now you can also play games on your smartwatch. Nowadays, smartwatches come with mini-games that you can play directly on the watch without connecting it to your phone.

You can play the games offline anytime on your wrist. If your phone does not have enough battery for gaming, you can play the mini-games available on the smartwatch. With built-in games, smartwatches have got more value.

9. Control Music and Camera

When you listen to songs on your phone, it is annoying to unlock the phone repeatedly to change songs. A smartwatch makes changing songs and adjusting your phone’s volume easier. You can control your phone’s music, including play/pause, playing the next/previous song, and adjusting the volume level from the smartwatch only.

Music Control

Similarly, you can click images on your phone by tapping the smartwatch, thanks to the camera control feature on smartwatches that you can use if you are at a distance from the phone or if it is attached to a tripod to take photos.

10. Use GPS Map Navigation

You can use GPS navigation on a smartwatch directly without taking your phone. Smartwatches with Google’s Wear OS or Apple’s WatchOS support the official maps app. You can use Google Maps or Apple Maps to use GPS navigation on the watch.

You can use GPS navigation on the smartwatch and get direction alerts on your wrist. So, this feature ends the need to take up your smartphone to check directions for your destination.

11. Use Voice Assistant on the go

Voice assistants are generally found on smartphones. There are different assistants available on smartphones, like Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, Bixby, etc. But you can use your phone’s voice assistant on the smartwatch directly.

Many smartwatches have a voice assistant feature that uses your phone’s assistant, and you can ask any question and get a response directly on the watch instead of your phone. Apart from it, many smartwatches also have a built-in Alexa voice assistant that does not need your smartphone to answer your questions. It is directly usable, and you can also control smart devices using Alexa on your watch.

12. Get Reminders on Your Wrist

If you don’t want any sound reminders on your phone or have a busy schedule for the day, then you can set up reminders on your smartwatch directly, which will vibrate when the reminder goes off.

This feature can be really helpful if you have a strict schedule for daily tasks. You can set reminders on the watch directly and do not need your phone.

13. Find Your Phone Through Watch

This is a helpful feature to find your phone if you have forgotten it somewhere around you. If your smartwatch is connected to your phone, you can easily use the find my phone feature, which will ring your smartphone if it is in the Bluetooth range.

14. Take an ECG Test

Talking about a next-level health feature that is found on smartwatches is ECG tracking. Some expensive smartwatches feature a dedicated electrical heart sensor for ECG tracking, allowing you to take an ECG test home.

This feature works well on smartwatches like Apple Watch, and you can better understand your heart’s health at home. Furthermore, you can also share the ECG report with your doctor. You can check out the best smartwatches with ECG here.

15. Send Quick Replies Without a Smartphone

If you receive a call on your phone, you can send quick replies when you cannot take the call. This feature is available on smartwatches as well. You can send quick replies to incoming calls directly from the watch.

You can also set up custom replies on some smartwatches, which you can directly send without taking up your phone. Quick replies can be sent to SMS and incoming calls through a smartwatch.

16. Emergency SOS Calling

Emergency SOS calling is a very useful feature that is available on smartwatches as well. If you are in an emergency and don’t have your phone or your phone has no power, then a smartwatch can help dial emergency services.

The expensive smartwatches have emergency SOS that directly connects you to emergency services when you use the feature and shares your location with them so that you can get immediate help.

17. Fall Detection and Crash Detection

Fall detection and Crash detection are lifesaving features that are now available on some expensive smartwatches. Fall detection can detect when you have had a hard fall and automatically connects you with emergency services and contacts to get immediate help.

The Crash Detection feature on the Apple Watch can detect when you have had a car crash/accident. If it detects a crash, it immediately connects to the emergency services and shares your location with them and your emergency contacts.

18. Make Payments Without Your Phone

Smartwatches have become much smarter, and you can now make payments using the watch itself. It is possible through an NFC chip which uses the tap-to-pay technology and makes payments using your saved cards.

You can use NFC-enabled smartwatches to make payments offline. You have to touch the smartwatch to the NFC machine at the store and enter your PIN, and it will make the payment instantly without using your smartphone.

19. Play Songs Without a Speaker

Smartwatches can now be used to play songs or any media without a speaker. You can connect the smartwatch to your phone and enable the media sound which transfers your smartphone’s audio to the watch’s speaker. This feature makes your watch a mini loudspeaker that you can wear on your wrist.

Expensive smartwatches like Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch, which have Wear OS and WatchOS, support online music streaming apps that you use directly on the watch to play music. Meanwhile, some budget smartwatches connect as an audio device for calling, allowing them to route and play the phone’s audio.

20. Download Third-party Apps

Talking about smartwatches running on Wear OS, WatchOS, or any other special OS, these watches allow you to download third-party apps from the app store. You can download apps from Google Play Store on Wear OS and App Store on WatchOS.

Many third-party apps are available on both app stores that you can install directly from the watch and use them.

21. Smartwatch for Kid’s Safety

A special reason to buy a smartwatch for your kids is that you can have a real-time update on your kid. The kids’ smartwatches have a built-in camera for video calls and a built-in GPS for live location tracking.

You can interact with your kid anytime using the video call feature and check the live location of your kid anytime on your phone with the live GPS on the smartwatch. These features are really useful for keeping an eye on your child’s safety. You can check out the best GPS-tracking smartwatches for kids here.

Wrapping Up

These were the top twenty reasons why you need a smartwatch right away. A smartwatch can do more than show notifications and time, making your lifestyle much better and more productive. Let us know your thoughts about smartwatches in the comments below, and stay tuned with WearablesToUse for more informative articles!



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