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On Which Hand Should You Wear Smartwatch and For How Long?

People use smartwatches as their daily companions for fitness and productivity features. This compact gadget allows us to check our smartphone’s notifications and calls, control music, and more without taking up the smartphone. But one thing that may come to your mind is which hand you should wear the smartwatch. Well, the answer to that is not complex. Here, let’s figure out on which hand you should wear a smartwatch and for how long.

Which Hand to Wear Smartwatch

On Which Hand Should You Wear Smartwatch?

Wearing Smartwatch on Non-Dominant Hand

You should wear the smartwatch on your non-dominant hand, which you use less. Most people are right-handed and use their right hand to do most of their work. Therefore, the right hand is their dominant hand, and the left is their non-dominant hand, and vice-versa. Wearing the smartwatch on a non-dominant hand has many benefits and is recommended too.

Here are the reasons why you should wear the smartwatch on the non-dominant hand:

1. Safety and Ease of Use

Which Hand to Wear Smartwatch

The first and the most basic reason for wearing the smartwatch on your non-dominant hand is that it is easy to use the screen. You can easily use the smartwatch screen on your non-dominant hand with the dominant hand.

For instance, if you are right-handed and do most things with your right hand, then you should wear your smartwatch on your left hand. This will make it easy to use and access the smartwatch more quickly.

Also, wearing the smartwatch on the non-dominant hand will keep the display safe. Wearing it on the hand you do most of your daily chores with, makes it prone to damage or scratches on the display and body due to movements and shocks.

2. Health Tracking

]Wearing the smartwatch on the left hand can provide more accurate and better health data. This is because the blood flow goes from the left-hand side to the right-hand side and the rest of the body. And hence, the watch on the left hand can detect the blood flow faster and closer, resulting in much more accurate heart rate and SpO2 data than the right hand.

3. False Detections

Another benefit of wearing the smartwatch on the non-dominant hand is it prevents false detections. You should not wear the watch on your dominant hand to keep the watch away from detecting fake activity data.

As our dominant hand is more productive and busy throughout the day, it has a lot of movements and shocks. These movements can make false detections on the smartwatch, including steps, calories, or any other data, especially on budget options.

For How Long Should You Wear Smartwatch?

Many people also worry that their smartwatch can harm if worn for longer. Scientifically, wearing a smartwatch for longer hours does not harm you until and unless you have worn it tightly. Keep it a snug fit, neither too loose nor too tight, so that the sensors are in contact with your skin.

How Long To Wear a Smartwatch For

Furthermore, it is safe to sleep with your smartwatch, provided it’s not too tight but also fit enough to track the sleep stages accurately at the same time. Here’s more on if it’s safe to wear a smartwatch to bed.

Sleeping Wearing a Smartwatch

But, if you face any issues wearing the smartwatch for a long duration, such as rashes, skin irritation, or wrist pain, you may have to take some precautions.

Some people have sensitive skin that can have itching or irritation quickly while wearing the smartwatch. You should take frequent breaks to wear a smartwatch if you are among them. If the watch feels too heavy on your wrist bone, you probably need to switch to a lighter band or a lighter watch altogether.

You can also switch between hands across the days if changing the watch isn’t a possibility. Here’s our complete guide to avoiding rashes or burns from your smartwatch or fitness tracker, where we discuss precautions to take and answer queries around the topic.

Wrapping Up

This was all about which hand you should wear your smartwatch and for how long. It is always better to wear a smartwatch on your non-dominant hand. Anyways, tell us on which hand you wear your smartwatch in the comments below, and stay tuned with WearablesToUse for more informative articles!



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