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Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max Review: Really a Pro Smartwatch?

Noise recently unveiled the ColorFit Pro 4 Max with all the bells and whistles the brand had to offer. We’ve been using the smartwatch for the past month to thoroughly experience its performance, pros, cons, and real-world issues. Penning down our experience, here’s our full review for the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max to help you decide if it’s worth buying.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max Review

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Color Fit Max Pro 4 Review
7 Reviewer
Great Built Quality | Bright Display | Good Calling
Plastic Build | Connection Issue | Little Heavy
Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max can definitely be an ideal option. However, if you're someone who wants chiseled looks, an AMOLED screen with deep blacks, and a more polished UI, you should check out other options in the market.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max Detailed Review

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max: Box Contents

Before we dive into the review, let’s check out the box contents of the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max smartwatch. Here’s everything you get with the retail packaging:

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max Review Box Contents

  • Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max Smartwatch
  • Charging Cable
  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual
  • Noise Stickers

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max: Design and Build Quality

The Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max adopts a square profile, continuing the ColorFit Pro series philosophy. The frame is made of aluminum but feels a little plasticky. It has a crown button on the side, and the microphone and speaker are embedded on the sides of the frame.

The rear has a smooth matte finish with a circular platform that embeds all the sensors. Magnetic charging points are placed right above the sensor module along with the information strip that mentions the watch name and other features.

The smartwatch comes with a 22mm soft silicone strap with a smooth matte finish on it. It is comfortable to wear and is skin friendly. We did not face any skin irritation even with heavy sweating. Having said that, you can also replace it with other compatible straps in the market.

This ColorFit Pro 4 Max features IP68 water-resistance rating which protects it from water splashes, dust, rain, or moisture. It works absolutely fine even when we wash our hands while wearing the watch. The watch is also very lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on the wrist. It’s also very comfortable to wear and is not so bulky considering a bigger display size.

Overall, the design and build quality of this smartwatch is good. But again, it does not feel premium despite having an aluminum frame. And to be frank, the lesser-priced Dizo Watch D‘s chassis feels much better in comparison.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max: Display

The Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max has a large 1.8-inch display with a resolution of 240 x 285 pixels and a density of 207 PPI. It’s a TFT LCD panel that offers good colors, is readable under direct sun, and comes with five levels of brightness. But, the text doesn’t as appear (blame the low pixel density), especially for pixel-peepers like me.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max Review

The screen is smooth to touch. But again, the thick bezels, followed by a significantly large chin steal away the modern look. Anyways, no complaints in the customization department- you can download over 150 cloud watch faces and can even set custom watch faces from your phone’s gallery.

Overall, the display quality is fairly good with saturated colors. However, if you’re someone who loves deep blacks, you’re out of luck here. Given the competitors like Dizo Watch R and a dozen other budget watches with AMOLED, we would have loved to see an AMOLED on the ColorFit Pro 4 Max.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max: Watch Features

Talking about features, the ColorFit Pro 4 Max has its own skin based on RTOS. It has a generic UI that feels stuttery at times which may have something to do with the 30Hz refresh rate. For those unaware, the non-Max ColorFit Pro 4 has a 60Hz screen.

You can access the notification panel by swiping down, and the control center by swiping up on the home screen of the watch. Swipe right or left to access quick features like activity record, heart rate, stress levels, workout mode, Alexa, weather forecast, and music controls.

Furthermore, you get Noise Health Suite which includes all the health features, Noise Buzz Bluetooth calling, voice command, breath exercise, clock, weather, world clock, and more. It also has a noise detection feature that we will talk about in the health section.

Then come other useful settings like screen timeout, DND, watches faces, ringtones, app view, and basic device settings like restart, reset, and power off. The most interesting setting is changing the calling and notification ringtone.

Coming to Alexa, it is easy to set up and has a quick response time- we didn’t face any delays when using it to get answers to queries or control smart bulbs and other devices. You can open Alexa either from the app menu or set a long-press shortcut for the side button.

Overall, the watch has enough productivity features but it lacks some popular features like the stock market alert and the live cricket score tab which you get on other models from Noise.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max: Health Features

The Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max has all the basic health features that you would expect in any smartwatch in this price segment. It comes with activity tracking, 100 sports modes, heart rate tracking, blood oxygen monitoring, stress level tracking, sleep tracking, and noise detection.

Talking about the accuracy of health monitoring, we have compared it with a pulse oximeter and the Apple Watch Series 7 which is considered to be the benchmark of smartwatches for health monitoring. We tested heart rate and SpO2 levels and recorded the results.

As seen in the results attached below, the smartwatch performed fairly against its counterparts. We saw only minor 1-2 point differences in readings: Noise Watch at 85bpm while Oximeter showed 86bpm. Similarly, it measured a heart rate of 90bpm while Apple Watch was at 91bpm.

The same was the case with the blood oxygen sensor- Noise showed 95% while Apple Watch and Oximeter showed 96% and 98%, respectively. Do note that while end readings are quite accurate, the real-time fluctuations are nowhere near to the Apple Watch or Oximeter.

We have also compared the noise detection feature with the one we get on the Apple Watch. Considering the results, it is fairly accurate but the real-time data fluctuations have a delay and cannot be relied upon. You can check our guide and comparison on Noise Detection in ColorFit Pro 4 Max.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max Noise Detection vs Apple Watch

Overall, the health monitoring works perfectly on ColorFit Pro 4 Max and is fairly accurate. But you can only consider the final results for your satisfaction as the real-time readings have more fluctuation. And remember that it is not medical equipment, so don’t rely on it for medicinal use.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max: App Experience

The ColorFit Pro 4 Max smartwatch is compatible with the NoiseFit Assist app available on both Android and iOS. The app has a generic UI and is exactly the same as the Realme Wear app used for the Realme TechLife Watch R100.

On the home page, you can check all the health and activity data including steps, calories, heart rate, SpO2, sleep, and stress tracking. Next, you get the Exercise tab, on which you can start any workout with a connected GPS. You can track the route of your workout here.

Furthermore, in the Device tab, you can see the watch name with battery percentage and pairing status. Here, you can see all the features and settings of the watch that you can enable and modify. You can also download cloud watch faces and create custom watch faces here.

Features like notifications, alarm clock, calls, health tracking, and Alexa are available on the device page itself. In more settings, you can find all other things like DND, find phone, music control, world clock, auto brightness at night, quick reply, shortcuts, device language, and more.

Overall, the app has enough features and all the settings of the watch. The only thing which is not appealing is the App UI and experience which could have been more polished. Also, Noise has a dozen different apps for different models which is a bummer and indicates the lack of R&D and dependency upon Chinese ODMs for the import of smartwatches.

And for those who care, no, the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max is not manufactured in India. It has been imported from China and the same is mentioned on the back of the watch’s box.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max: Bluetooth Calling

One of the main highlighting features of ColorFit Pro 4 Max is Bluetooth calling. It has a built-in speaker and microphone that allows you to answer calls directly from the wrist. The quality of the speaker and microphone is good enough for a seamless calling experience.

You can dial calls from the watch directly from the keypad option in the watch. After making a call, it shows you options to manage the volume level, mute the call, and cut the call. It also has a recent tab where you can see all the call history including answered and dialed calls. You can add up to 10 contacts on the watch as well for quick calls. It will show all the contacts in the favorites tab and dial a call from contacts- simply click on the name of the contact.

Overall, we had a good time using the Bluetooth calling feature and didn’t face any issues whatsoever. You can check this article to set up and use Bluetooth calling on your Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max smartwatch.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max: Battery and Charging

The brand claims up to 7 days of battery life on the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max. In our usage, with brightness at level 3, watch connected to the phone, and automatic heart rate enabled, it managed to last for four days. The bluetooth calling feature was used 2-3 times a day.

The watch comes with a 2-pin magnetic charging cable. When plugged into a 10W adapter, it took about 135 minutes or 2.25 hours to fully charge the smartwatch from 0 to 100 percent.

Overall, the charging time is normal on this smartwatch and the backup is also decent. It would have been great if the backup could be at least a week with Bluetooth calling. Again, a surprising element- the charger is exactly the same as the one we got with the Realme TechLife Watch R100. You can use their chargers interchangeably.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max: Pros & Cons


  • Large Display Size
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Bluetooth Calling
  • 100 Sports Modes
  • Calls and Notifications Ringtones
  • Accurate Health Tracking
  • Lightweight and Comfortable


  • Lacks AMOLED Display
  • Thick Bezels and Chin
  • Doesn’t feel as premium
  • No Built-in GPS
  • Stuttery UI
  • Generic App Experience

Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max Review: Verdict

The Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max is a mixture of good and bad stuff. We are disappointed with the fact that it does not have a 60Hz refresh rate while its cheaper version gets the same. But, keeping that aside, is it the best Bluetooth calling smartwatch under Rs 5000?

Well, not in our opinion. It has a good-looking design but falls short when it comes to the display and the in-hand feel. It also lacks features like live cricket scores or stock market alerts which Noise ships with other models. The app is generic and overall, the smartwatch feels like an imported and rebadged product.

But again, it would be wrong to not appreciate the Bluetooth calling and Alexa feature. Both of which, work well, thanks to good quality speaker and microphone.

All-inclusive, if you want a calling smartwatch with Alexa, the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Max can definitely be an ideal option. However, if you’re someone who wants chiseled looks, an AMOLED screen with deep blacks, and a more polished UI, you should check out other options in the market.


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