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Fire-Boltt AI Review: Best Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch Under 5000?

Budget smartwatches have gained a lot of traction in the Indian market. However, very few of these affordable watches offer Bluetooth calling. Fire-Boltt AI is a smartwatch that offers Bluetooth calling under Rs 5000, alongside a trendy design and essential health features. But is it as good as it looks on paper? Let’s find it out in our in-depth Fire-Boltt AI smartwatch review.

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Fire-Boltt AI Smartwatch Review

Before starting with the review, here are the box contents of the Fire-Boltt Ai smartwatch retail package:

  • Fire-Boltt AI Watch with Strap
  • Circular Magnetic Charger (2 Pin)
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • 3 x Free Subscription Cards

Fire-Boltt AI: Display

Fire- Boltt AI smartwatch gets a 1.69-inch TFT display with 240 x 280 pixels resolution. The colors are fine, but the scrolling is jittery, and the touch response is below average. It’s also not the sharpest of the lot with that big screen size.

Overall, the TFT panel looks slightly cheap compared to other smartwatches in this range. That said, the brightness is good, and the watch is pretty legible under the sun.

Moving further, the screen is slightly curved to the sides, but there’s a bezel limiting the actual display, quite obvious given the price.

You can customize the watch’s display by changing watch faces using the app. And the good thing is you can not only download cloud watch faces but also set a custom image as the watch home screen.

Fire-Boltt AI: Design and Build Quality

This Fire-Boltt AI watch has a thick square-shaped dial. The chassis gets plastic construction, but the silver-tone finish makes it look premium. The side button is also made of plastic, and it is not much tactile or clicky.

Further, the watch has soft silicone rubber straps with two-loop hooks to lock it. The straps feel decent in the hands and can easily be replaced with other compatible straps on the market.

The Fire-Boltt AI is also IP67 rated to handle water splashes, and you can even take it for swimming. Overall, we are satisfied with the watch’s design and build except for the thickness.

Fire-Boltt AI: Productivity Features

The Fire-Boltt AI has quite a lot in terms of features. It supports SMS notifications and a Mirror phone option that sends all the phone notifications, be it from an app or background service. In my opinion, they should’ve given an option to enable notifications only for the apps we need.

As its main highlight, the FireBoltt AI gets Bluetooth Calling feature, which works fine- the microphone captures the audio well, and the speaker is loud enough to hear the other party properly.

You can add contacts in the watch using the app and make calls directly in the watch using the dial-pad or phonebook. That said, I’ve had multiple problems while trying to make the feature work- it initially did not work, for which we ordered a replacement unit. You can check our guide to fix the Bluetooth calling problem on Fire-Boltt Ai.

The smartwatch offers other features like a voice assistant, music control, weather forecast, alarms, timer, stopwatch, and Find My Phone. These features make it quite helpful, but the UI isn’t optimized well and often shows signs of lags.

Fire-Boltt AI: Health Features

The FireBoltt AI smartwatch has many health-tracking functions like heart rate, SpO2, stress level, sleep tracker, and even a blood pressure monitor. It has a dedicated SpO2 sensor, while the blood pressure is determined through the heart rate sensor.

It does have wear detection and refuses to detect figures if you don’t wear the watch correctly. Although, the accuracy of data cannot be vouched for when compared to Pulsimeter and other devices. The blood oxygen data on the watch kept constantly fluctuating, making it quite unreliable.

There are ten sports modes on the watch, including the basic ones like running, walking, and cycling. You can record your activity data and check it on the watch daily. And yes, worth mentioning that there’s no skin temperature sensor here.

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Fire-Boltt AI: App Features

The Fire-Boltt AI smartwatch can be paired to the phone via the SMART-TIME PRO application available on Android and iPhone. You can also check our guide to connect Fire-Boltt AI with Android and iPhone stepwise.

All the activity and health data can be checked on the status tab like heart rate, sleep data, blood pressure, etc. You can manage and check all the watch settings and features in the device section. Features like anti-lost, sedentary reminder, wrist-to-wake, screen timeout, sync contacts, and camera control can be managed here.

You can also change download and change cloud watch faces and set custom watch faces from the app itself. Overall, there are many useful options available in the app, but the interface feels generic.

Fire-Boltt AI: Battery Backup and Charging

I’ve had a very mixed experience with battery life on the FireBoltt AI. The company claims up to ten days of backup it in my usage. It usually lasted for six days with the auto heart rate turned on.

The usage comprised using it connected with the phone at brightness level three and notifications enabled all the time. I also made some calls and workout activities.

While I won’t complain much about the battery life, what I was disappointed the most about was the issues with the battery. At times, the battery suddenly dropped a significant percentage, say directly from 50 to 20%.

Also, I faced a major issue wherein the watch was showing “No Battery” even after being charged fully. This turned the watch unusable. I had to wait for the battery to drain fully and charge again for it to start working again.

The watch comes with a charging dock that uses a two-pin magnetic connector. It takes about one and a half hours to charge the watch fully, which I don’t have any issues with.

Fire-Boltt AI: Verdict

On paper, the Fire-Boltt AI smartwatch offers tons of features and looks value for money, given the presence of Bluetooth calling. However, my experience has been very mediocre, given the unpolished software and unreliable health sensors.

We’ve also faced quality control issues with the first unit, which we replaced from Flipkart. That said, the good thing is that the watch has a sturdy build and looks good on hands, thanks to the big display.

Overall, you can consider it if you’re looking for a Bluetooth calling smartwatch for strictly under Rs 5000. However, there are better options like Amazfit Bip U Pro, Noise Evolve 2, and Amazfit GTS 2 Mini.


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