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Boat Watch Mercury Review- Best Smartwatch Under Rs. 2000?

Smartwatch brands are launching new and feature-rich watches in the entry-level segment to cater to more and more people. Priced at just Rs 1,999, Boat Mercury is one such budget smartwatch that brings interesting features like a Body Temperature sensor to the segment. But is it as good as it looks on paper? Here’s our detailed Boat Watch Mercury review for you to decide if it’s worth buying.

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Boat Watch Mercury Review

Before moving on to the review, here are the box contents that you get in the retail packaging of Boat Watch Mercury:

  • Boat Watch Mercury (Strap Attached)
  • Magnetic Charging Cable (Pogo Pin)
  • User Manual
  • Boat Product Pamphlete
  • Warranty Card

Boat Watch Mercury: Display

Boat Watch Mercury has a 1.54-inch square-shaped LCD with 240 x 240 pixels resolution. The display looks quite good in size, but the thick bezels at the top and bottom give it an odd look, particularly with colorful watch faces.

That said, the colors are good and clear enough. Plus, it has five brightness levels which make it bright and visible indoors and outdoors. The text and icons are visible, which is good to note.

The touch response is very good, and there is no lag or delay in using the watch. The display also feels very smooth when scrolling or swiping.

Besides, the Watch Mercury also has the raise to wake feature, which you can enable or disable from the Boat Crest app. There’s a button at the side that can turn off or turn on the screen manually.

Talking about customizations, the watch has four built-in watch faces that can be changed directly from the watch. It also has many cloud watch faces that you can download using the app. Although, it does not support custom watch faces yet, which is disappointing.

Overall, the display quality is good in smoothness, touch response, colors, and brightness. We’re satisfied with the display quality considering the price range.

Boat Watch Mercury: Design and Build Quality

The design and build quality of Boat Watch Mercury fits the price it is coming for. It has a square watch dial with a metal frame, making it sturdy.

At the back of the watch, we get all the sensors (heart rate, temperature, accelerometer) alongside the magnetic charging points. The back panel is made up of matte plastic material.

It has a plastic button on the Side, which is moderately tactile. The watch uses a TPU strap which is quite average and feels hard compared to other watches. It has two loop hooks for a secure fit on the wrist, though.

Thankfully, the straps can be removed and replaced with any compatible third-party strap available in the market.

Also worth noting, the Boat Watch Mercury has IP68 dust water resistance. It can easily handle water splashes, and you can go for a swim while wearing it on your wrist.

Overall, the watch has a good build and design, except for the average strap and thick bezels upfront.

Boat Watch Mercury: App Features

The Boat Watch Mercury can be paired to the phone via the Boat Crest app available on Android and iPhone. You can check this article to connect Watch Mercury with Android and iPhone. Once paired, you can explore all features and settings in the app.

You can see your health and activity on the home page and the Analytics page to check each data separately. Further, you can explore features like watch faces, reminders, alarms, and notifications.

Apart from call and SMS, the watch supports only six app notifications, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Gmail. You can’t yet receive all apps notifications.

Overall, the app has a simple interface and packs all basic features. You can also integrate Google Fit to check all your health data.

Boat Watch Mercury: Features & Health

The Boat Watch Mercury has quite basic features. It supports SMS and call notifications (you can reject calls) and allows notifications for popular messaging and social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Other useful features include Alarms, Timer, Stopwatch, Camera Control, Music Control, Find Phone, Airplane mode, and DND mode. You can check Boat Watch Mercury tips & tricks to know how these features work.

Heart Rate, SpO2, Steps Counter

The Boat Watch Mercury has a lot to offer in terms of health features. It has all the necessary health features like a continuous heart rate monitor, SpO2 monitor, a body temperature monitor, steps counter, menstrual tracking, and sleep tracker.

Although, note that it does not have a dedicated SpO2 sensor and instead uses the heart rate monitor to detect SpO2 levels. The watch gets ten sports modes, including running, walking, cycling, etc.

The watch is at the bottom of the charts when it comes to accuracy. The sensors are not that accurate for measuring heart rate or SpO2.

It doesn’t have wear detection meaning the watch doesn’t know whether you’re wearing it and tends to show heart rate readings even for random objects. Besides, it has a high rate of false steps detection.

Accuracy of Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor on Boat Watch Mercury is quite disappointing, at least for our unit. It is slow and often gets stuck at 34.9-degrees while measuring.

Despite waiting for a significant time, we found a difference of three to five degrees Celsius in readings when compared with an IR temperature gun. Hence, we would not term it reliable.

Overall, you should use the health features of the Boat Watch Mercury only for casual tracking. For serious health monitoring or in medical aid, always use medical-grade equipment.

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Boat Watch Mercury: Battery and Charging

Boat claims up to ten days of battery life for Boat Watch Mercury. The watch gave about seven days of battery in our usage with auto heart rate tracking turned on and connected to the phone.

The usage involved receiving notifications, using sports mode, temperature tracking, and a brightness level of four.

Talking about charging, the Watch Mercury comes with a magnetic charging dock which can be used with a 5-10W charger. While charging with a 10W charger, the watch took 30 minutes to reach 55% and about an hour to charge 100%, which is quite fast.

Boat Watch Mercury Review Verdict

Boat has packed some very interesting and useful features on the Watch Mercury. For a price of less than Rs. 2,000, it offers a body temperature sensor, heart rate and SpO2 monitoring, metal chassis, a smooth UI, and a good display.

However, we were disappointed with the quality of the straps and the accuracy of the sensors on the watch. Anyways, given that there aren’t too many watches with temperature monitors in the segment, it can be a good option for many people.

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