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Amazfit GTR Mini Review: A Complete Package

Amazfit GTR Mini is a new offering from a very experienced brand with a great display and a stylish design. It comes with GPS built-in to track all your daily activities with better accuracy. The brand also claims a long battery life. But priced at Rs 10,999, is it a good buy? Let’s find out in our full Amazfit GTR Mini review with pros and cons.


Amazfit GTR Mini Review

Amazfit GTR Mini
8.1 Reviewer
Compact design, solid build, AMOLED display, Zepp OS, long battery life
The back panel looks flimsy and The price is a bit higher
Amazfit GTR Mini is a great option if you are looking for a smartwatch that can help you track your workouts and look stylish at the same time. This watch has a feminine look to it and would be a great smartwatch to gift to your loved one. There are many smartwatches in this price range but none of them is not as stylish and compact as the Amazfit GTR Mini.

The watch comes in three amazing colors- Midnight Black, Misty Pink, and Ocean Blue. And it is available exclusively on Amazon and Amazfit’s online store. We have the Black variant here, and before starting with the review, let’s look at the accessories we get with the Amazfit GTR Mini.

Amazefit GTR Mini: Box Contents

  • Amazfit GTR Mini Smartwatch
  • Magnetic charger dock
  • Quick Start guide

Amazfit GTR: Design and Build

Amazfit GTR Mini is a premium smartwatch that looks like a women’s watch at first glance, whether you notice the dial size, the width of the straps, or the button placement. This design and form factor differs from what Amazfit offers in the GTR series premium smartwatches.

The brand is targeting this watch at people with slender wrists who can’t wear those big-sized round-dial smartwatches. I can see the brand’s vision because I have lean wrists and desire a round-dial smartwatch that suits it perfectly.

Talking about design details, the watch comes with a round dial and a metal case. The mirror finish on the case gives it a premium look. The rear is made of polycarbonate with a glossy finish, which matches the watch’s overall design.

A multifunctional button is placed on the right side, but the placement is a bit off to the top side than being in the middle. This solves my problem of accidentally pressing the watch button during physical tasks.

The straps are black in color, and the material used is silicon. They are 20mm in width and are completely user replaceable. We see a pin buckle mechanism made of polycarbonate material to fasten the watch on the wrist.

Straps are very soft to the touch, and sufficient adjustment is provided to fit all wrist sizes. Overall, they are very comfortable and provide a snug fit on the wrists despite the sensor bump on the rear.

The brand build quality is pretty solid, too, it comes with a slim form factor with a thickness of 9.25mm. The dial is 42mm in diameter and perfectly fits slender wrists. The weight of the smartwatch with the straps is mere 36 grams, making it one of the most lightweight smartwatches I have tested so far

. You can use this smartwatch in the pool as well. The IP68 water and dust resistance keeps it working even under water.

Amazfit GTR Mini: Display

Amazfit always provides the best displays in its premium smartwatches, and GTR Mini is no exception. The display is round with a high resolution and a high pixel density to keep the content crystal clear. It is a 1.28 inches AMOLED display that comes with thick bezels around it.

Amazfit has provided a light sensor to detect the ambient light to adjust the screen brightness; accordingly, this helps save a lot of juice on the battery. The display is very bright and crisp, the brand didn’t provide the numbers on the brightness, but we tested it on our brightness meter.

The score came out to be 490 LUX which is a great score, and we generally see these numbers on premium smartwatches. Outdoor visibility is amazing- you can read the content on display no matter the light conditions.

Since it is an AMOLED display, the always-on feature works well and follows whatever watch face you have applied to the watch. It features a smart AOD mode that detects if you are wearing the watch and switches the AOD on or off accordingly, saving a lot of battery.

Amazfit GTR Mini: Features

When it comes to health features, the watch comes with all the sensors needed to measure your body’s vitals. It has an accelerometer and a Geomagnetic sensor to detect and record movements.

And to measure all the body vitals, it also comes with a PPG biometric sensor that supports Blood Oxygen. It has a built-in five-satellite GPS that tracks your active workouts precisely on a map you can see later in the app.

It does support continuous heart rate, blood oxygen, and stress tracking, but that obviously comes at the cost of a faster battery drain. With 120+ workouts built right into the watch, you don’t need to fiddle around in the app settings to enable those.

It can automatically auto-detect seven workout modes that worked perfectly during our testing. You can also track your sleep with GTR Mini; all the data will be visible on the app.

The Amazfit GTR Mini has an alert notification feature; it can show messages and calls on the watch. You can use the quick reply feature to reply to texts. These replies can be customized in the app.

It has a smart feature only pushes notifications on the watch if the smartphone screen is off. If you are already using your phone, there’s no need to push notifications to the watch, which saves a bit of battery juice.

Amazfit GTR Mini: Operating System

Amazfit GTR Mini runs on Zepp OS, the brand’s home-grown operating system for wearables. It’s not only very smooth but also a very intuitive operating system on any smartwatch.

There is a card page on the left of the home screen where you can add widgets showing you everything on the smartphone with one swipe. It even has a music widget so you can access the music quickly from the watch’s home page.

Swiping left will give you full-screen pages for different utilities like heart rate, SpO2, music, etc. Swiping down from the top edge brings down the control center, and swiping up from the bottom edge brings up the notifications.

And all the widgets and pages are highly customizable; even the quick settings toggles are customizable. Pressing the watch button once brings up the main menu with all the smartwatch features. If this isn’t enough, there is an app store, especially for the Zepp OS watches, where you can install more apps.

When it comes to the watch faces, this watch comes with 100 plus watch faces in the app to choose from. You can even create customizable watch faces using different pictures from your gallery.

Another feature is Portrait watch face, where you can select any portrait picture on yours. And the app automatically detects you from the photo and puts the clock behind you so it won’t cover your face. This is the similar effect you get on iOS 16 lock screen clock.

Amazfit GTR Mini: Mobile App

Amazefit GTR Mini uses the Zepp app to sync with your smartphone, which is available for Android and iOS. It is a well-built app with a great design and interface. The app got three pages, Homepage, Health, and Profile.

The homepage shows all your daily activities and recorded vitals in a compact format. You can tap any particular activity to open a detailed view for more information and insights about that particular activity.

The health page includes all your activities settings. You can start a workout or change your daily goal here. The profile page got all your account and device settings; multiple devices can be shown here simultaneously.

You can sync all your health data to other fitness apps that you use, like Google Fit, Strave, Relive, and Adidas Running. The app can give a detailed analysis of your daily activities to help you understand what is needed to meet your health-related goals.

Amazfit GTR Mini: Connectivity and Battery

Amazfit GTR Mini comes with Bluetooth 5.2, which is great, this keeps the connection stronger and data sync faster. The watch connects to the app quickly via Bluetooth, and the watch’s face sync rate is also decent. The five satellite positioning system works great and precisely records your tracks.

Despite its small and slim form factor, the brand has managed to add a big 280 mAh battery. Amazfit claims 14 days of usage with a full charge with minimal GPS usage. In our testing, we easily got more than a week of usage with minimal usage.

As I said before, the Zepp OS has many “Smart” features that save a lot of battery. So the mileage may vary if you use different settings on this watch. The magnetic dock charger tops the battery 100 percent in under an hour.

Amazfit GTR Mini: Pros and Cons

Reasons to Buy

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Stylish yet solid build
  • Bright AMOLED display
  • Zepp OS is very user friendly
  • A long battery life

Reasons Not to Buy

  • The back panel looks flimsy
  • The price is a bit higher

Amazfit GTR Mini Review: Final Verdict

Amazfit GTR Mini is a great option if you are looking for a smartwatch that can help you track your workouts and look stylish at the same time. This watch has a feminine look and would be a great smartwatch to gift to your loved one. There are many smartwatches in this price range, but none of them is not as stylish and compact as the Amazfit GTR Mini.

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