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How to Use Emergency SOS On Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 5

The Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 come with Emergency SOS. It is a lifesaving feature that can save you in emergencies by sharing your location with emergency contacts. You can use it when you get into trouble and need someone for immediate help. It is also used with the hard fall detection feature onboard. This article will show you how to use emergency SOS on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 5.

What is Emergency SOS on Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Emergency SOS is a safety feature of Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 that you can use to send SOS messages to emergency contacts. You can trigger it by pressing the side key 3-4 times, similar to how you do it on Android smartphones.

Once SOS is triggered, the watch automatically sends an emergency message to the selected contacts with a link to track your location. Following the same, it automatically calls an emergency contact with an automated message.

How to Use Emergency SOS on Samsung Galaxy Watch

You must enable and set up the SOS feature on your Galaxy Watch 4 or 5, as shown below.

Enable Emergency SOS and Setup Contacts

Follow the steps mentioned below to set up and enable emergency SOS on your Galaxy Watch 4 or 5:

Step 1: Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone.

Step 2: Select Watch settings and click on Safety and emergency.

Step 3: Here, enable the SOS with Home key toggle and tap on Select from Contacts to add emergency contacts.

Step 4: Now, choose up to 4 emergency contacts and click Done.

Step 5: Select the Make SOS call to option and select the contact which you want to call after emergency messages are sent.

Step 6: Select the Medical info option and click on the pen icon to add your medical information, including present conditions, allergies, medications going on, blood type, and any other info.

Step 7: You can also enable the Hard fall detection toggle, which will let the watch connect to emergency SOS contacts if you have fallen hard on the ground.

Step 8: You can also select the number of times you should press the home key to send SOS messages.

Using the Emergency SOS Feature

Now, let’s see how you can use the emergency SOS feature on your Galaxy Watch after setting it up. Ensure your watch is connected to your phone to send emergency messages and make a call, or it should have an active cellular network (in the case of the LTE variant).

You have to press the home key of the watch 3 or 4 times (whichever you select). After doing this, the watch will send SOS messages to the added emergency contacts and make a call to the designated contact automatically.

It will also share a message with your location to the emergency contacts, which you can turn off manually if everything’s fine. You can click on the location sharing notification on the watch and choose to Stop sharing to stop the location sharing.

The SOS messages sent to the emergency contacts include an emergency message and tracking link, as shown in the images below.

Wrapping Up

This is how you can set up and enable the emergency SOS feature on the Galaxy Watch 4 and 5. Do the setup shown in this article step-by-step to use this feature without any problem. And stay tuned with WearablesToUse for more informative articles!



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