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SENS MJ2 Neckband Earphones Review: Premium Looks On a Budget!

SENS is a new brand from the US stepping into the world of smartphone accessories. The product we are reviewing today is their neckband-style Bluetooth earphones called MJ2. These earphones come with big drivers and long battery life for a price of Rs 1,199. Let’s get these a round of my playlist and see if it is worth your money or not in my full SENS MJ2 review.

SENS MJ2 Neckband Earphones Review

SENS MJ2 Neckband Earphones Full Review

SENS MJ2 Neckband
8.1 Reviewer
Solid build and Design | Snug fit | Dual Pairing | Big battery
Low volume | Bass is not great
The SENS MJ 2 Bluetooth earphones are perfect for those who are looking for neckband style earphones with decent build quality. The sound quality is also great at the price range that these earphones fall into. I can recommend you these earphones easily if you don't listen to very bass-heavy music.
Design and Build8.5
Fit and Comfort8
Sound Quality6.5

Box Contents

SENS MJ2 Neckband Earphones Box Contents

  • SENS MJ2 Earphones
  • User manual
  • USB Type C charging cable
  • Two pairs of extra ear tips

SENS MJ2: Design and Build

The SENS MJ2 Bluetooth earphones come with a silicon-style neckband with a very soft feel to them. The neckband has a very smooth finish and doesn’t feel uncomfortable on your skin while wearing it.

The remote control part is made of glossy plastic which feels premium as well. There are three multifunctional buttons on the remote control module and it also includes the USB Type-C port for charging.

SENS MJ2 Neckband Earphones Fit

The wires connecting to the buds are good but nylon braided wires would have been better and given it the strength it needs. The buds on the other hand are built well- they have half polycarbonate and half metal casing with angled tips.

Furthermore, the buds have the SENS logo on the back, followed by rubber wings to make the buds more secure in the ears. Eartips are pretty soft and create a snug fit into the ears to create better insulation from the outside noise.

The buds magnetically clip together which keeps the buds managed and it turns off the earphones. The overall weight of the earphones is 34 grams and you won’t even feel that weight on your neck.

The SENS MJ2 Bluetooth earphones come with an IPX4 rating so you can use them around water. Overall the build quality is perfect without a doubt and I loved everything about these earphones.

SENS MJ2: Features and Connectivity

The SENS MJ2 Bluetooth earphones come with all the basic features and it brings some new tech to the table. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and still, it has all the features of modern earphones that come in the latest earphones with higher Bluetooth versions.

You get an instant connection feature called Intelligent Insta Connect(IIC) which enables the earphones to instantly connects to the paired devices. You also get a feature that lets you connect to two devices simultaneously which is really cool.

Plus, there’s a low latency mode that reduces the latency between the device to the earphones, intended for gaming. SENS calls it Smart Voice Video Connect (SVVC) but the brand didn’t mention the numbers. I tried each of these features mentioned here and I can confirm that these worked as intended.

SENS MJ 2: Sound Quality

The MJ2 Bluetooth earphones come with 12mm drivers but to be honest, the sound output is not very loud. Anyways, the highs and mids of the audio sound perfect and there’s no cluttering even at maximum volume. The lows are also good but not that great, if you like bass-heavy songs then you may not like these pair of earphones.

SENS MJ2 Neckband Sound Quality Review

Another thing that I didn’t like about these earphones is that the sound is not wide enough even if you are watching a movie that supports Dolby. I’d have preferred a wider audio range.

The call quality is very good, it comes with one microphone which means no noise cancellation but still, it worked great. Overall, the sound quality is crisp and clear but the bass feels lacking all the time.

SENS MJ2: Battery and Charging

The SENS MJ2 neckband comes equipped with a 180 mAh battery and a USB-C port on the side for charging. It has a rubber cap on the port to keep the dust and water out of the port. You get a small Type-A to Type-C cable and you can charge it off your smartphone’s charger.

It comes with an As Fast AS Possible (AFAP) feature that can give you 8 hours of playtime with just 10 minutes of charge. The brand claims a 24-hour playback time with one change and I can confirm this from my usage.

Pros and Cons

Reasons to Buy

  • Solid build and design
  • Snug fit
  • IP X4 certified
  • Dual Pairing
  • Big battery with fast charging support

Reasons Not to Buy

  • Low volume
  • Bass is not great

SENS MJ2 Earphones Review: Final Verdict

The SENS MJ2 Bluetooth earphones are perfect for those looking for neckband style earphones with decent build quality. The sound quality is also great at the price range that these earphones fall into. I can recommend you these earphones easily if you don’t listen to very bass-heavy music.


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