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5 Tips to Fast Charge Your Smartwatch, FAQs, And More

Modern-day smartwatches have advanced features like ECG, voice assistant, built-in GPS, and body temperature sensor. However, one important feature which is often left behind is fast charging. We have only a handful of smartwatches with fast charging in the market. And hence, many users complain of long charging time with their smartwatches and fitness bands. In this article, we’ll see if you can fast charge your existing smartwatch and tips to speed up its charging.

Fast Charging Smartwatch

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How to Check if  Your Smartwatch has Fast Charging?

Check if Smartwatch Has Fast Charging

The easiest way to check if your smartwatch has fast charging or not is via the manufacturer’s website or product listing page. Anything higher than 5W, i.e., 1A at 5V, can be called fast charging. Here are all the ways to find out if a smartwatch has a fast-charging feature or not:

  • Information tag on smartwatch box
  • User manual
  • Manufacturer’s website
  • Charging cable/dock

Check the charging information and see how much power it supports for charging. For instance, if it is mentioned that the watch supports 5v 1amp charging, then you should charge it at least with a 5-watt charger.

Why Do Most Smartwatches Not Have Fast Charging?

Most smartwatches have a long battery life of 10-15 days. Some even offer a month of endurance on a single charge. And given the price constraints, manufacturers have significantly less incentive to offer fast charging on a budget smartwatch.

It is mainly desired on smartwatches which can barely last a day on a full charge. Manufacturers know this very well, which is why you get fast charging on Apple Watch Series 7, Oppo Watch, and Fossil Gen 6. These are expensive watches loaded with functional hardware and operating system and last only a day or two with frequent charging.

Smartwatches with Fast Charging

Moreover, implementing safe and effective fast charging in a small-sized circuitry requires research and development, which is difficult to achieve on low-budget smartwatches. This is why most smartwatches and fitness bands in the market do not have fast charging.

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Can You Fast Charge Smartwatch with a Quick Charger?

Fast Charge Samsung Smartwatch

Unless your smartwatch supports a particular fast charging protocol and you use a compatible charger, the fast charging will simply not work. Yes, you can still charge your smartwatch with a high-wattage wall adapter, but the watch will only take the limited amount of current it supports instead of what the charger has to offer.

For example, if your smartwatch supports 5W charging (1A at 5V), it will charge at the same speed whether you charge it with a 5W, 10W, or 30W charger. The input current is limited by the watch’s charging cable and internal circuitry.

Tips to Fast Charge Your Smartwatch

Fast Charge Your Smartwatch

We have figured out four tips to fast charge your smartwatch, even if it does not support native fast charging. Read on:

1. Use the Right Adapter

You should always use the right adapter to charge your smartwatch. For example, if your smartwatch supports 10W charging, you should use a 10w or higher wattage charger to charge at the best possible speeds.

2. Do not use a Laptop/PC USB output

Do not charge your smartwatch by Laptop or PC’s USB ports. The USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports on laptops and desktops support only 500mA and 900mA current output, respectively, at 5 volts. These voltage and current levels may be lower than what your smartwatch supports. Always prefer using a wall adapter.

3. Charge in a Ventilated Area

Like mobile phones, the smartwatches and bands get hot while charging. This is when the software throttles the charging speed to revert to normal temperature. Charge your smartwatch in an air-conditioned or ventilated area. This will keep your smartwatch at normal temperature and provide a consistent charging speed.

4. Do not charge in Extreme Temperatures (Hot or Cold)

You should charge your smartwatch in a moderate environment. If you charge it at extremely cold or hot temperatures, it may charge extremely slowly or not charge at all. The extreme temperatures may also affect the normal functioning of the smartwatch unless it’s designed to work in harsh environments.

5. Switch Off to Fast Charge Smartwatch

Ever noticed your mobile phone charges significantly faster when it’s turned off? The same mechanism works with smartwatches. When switched off, the watch has almost nill idle power consumption, which would otherwise have happened due to active Wifi or LTE radios, notifications, display, and the system. Plus, the watch does not heat as much. And hence, it charges faster than it would have while being on.

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Which Smartwatches Support Fast Charging?

Oppo Watch VOOC Fast Charging

Several manufacturers have provided the actual fast charging support in some smartwatches. For example, the Apple Watch Series 7 now comes with fast charging, almost 33% faster than the previous gen. Similarly, Oppo Watch and Watch 2 also come with proprietary VOOC fast charging technology.

Here are the best fast-charging smartwatches you can currently buy in 2022. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 is also expected to feature 10W fast charging, twice as fast as the current-gen Galaxy Watch 4. We’ll update the post as and when new smartwatches release with a quick charging feature.

Wrapping Up

These are the ways to fast charge your smartwatch. We have discussed the smartwatches with fast charging, tips to fast charge your watch, and other important things about fast charging in smartwatches. Do let us know if your smartwatch supports fast charging or not in the comments section below. And, stay tuned with WearablesToUse for more informative articles!


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