Tips to Fast Charge Your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Tips to Fast Charge Your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Charge the Watch in a Cool Environment

The heat generated while charging slows down the speed. Charge it in a well-ventilated or air-conditioned room for better results.

Use Original Charging Cable

Use a Wall Adapter

Instead of plugging it into your laptop or PC USB port, use a wall adapter rated 5W (1A at 5V) or higher. It will charge faster than the USB port on your computer.

Keep the Dock and Watch Clean

Dust and lint on the charging dock or watch's back may affect the charging.

Power Off Watch While Charging

Turning off the watch while charging will keep it cool and speed up charging since there's no idle drain.

Does Galaxy Watch 4 Support Fast Charging?

No. The watch supports standard 5W charging. However, the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 is expected to feature 2X faster 10W charging.