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Mivi Model E Smartwatch Review: A Featureful Smartwatch for Starters

Mivi is a fast-growing brand in smartphone accessories, and the Model E is its first take on smartwatches. Priced at Rs. 1,699, the watch has a stylish casing and decent hardware to attract the youth. The brand claims that the watch is made in India. After using the Mivi Model E for a week, here’s our full review of the watch and if you should consider buying one for yourself.

Mivi Model E Smartwatch Review

The Mivi Model E comes in three beautiful colors- black, grey, and red. We have the red variant here, which looks bold and vibrant. That being said, let’s dive into the box contents and reviews.

Mivi Model E
8.1 Reviewer
Comfortable straps | Big display | Decent battery | Great pricing
App needs improvement | Low refresh rate display
The Mivi Model E is an amazing product from the brand considering that this is their first release in the smart wearables category. The watch is priced really well according to the features it provides. I can recommend this smartwatch to anyone who is new to smartwatches and doesn't need Bluetooth calling features.

Box Contents

Mivi Model E Review Box Contents

  • Mivi Model E smartwatch
  • Magnetic charger
  • User manual

Mivi Model E: Design

Mivi Model E Review Design

The Mivi Model E smartwatch looks very similar to all the budget-centric smartwatches that you see on Amazon or Flipkart. The amazing color options of the watch make it stand out from the crowd. It comes with a polycarbonate case with a metallic finish on top to make it look more premium.

At the back is where you see all the sensors provided to measure different body vitals like heart rate or blood oxygen alongside the charging connectors. The Mivi Model E comes with a button on the side to navigate through the user interface and turn off the screen of the watch.

The staps on Mivi Model E are made of silicon material that gives it a very soft finish. Wearing the watch around your wrist feels like a delight with a lightweight watch case and a soft finish on the straps. The watch weighs about 41 grams, and the bump at the back is tiny. Both these add up to a very comfortable and snug fit.

And It does come with IP68-rated water and dust resistance to handle a splash or two. Overall the smartwatch’s design is great, and if you like lightweight smartwatches, then the Model E will be an ideal option for you.

Mivi Model E: Display

The display is one of the deciding factors for any smartwatch, everyone wants a big display on their smartwatches. Mivi delivers this to people by adding a large 1.65-inch TFT display with 500 nits of peak brightness.

The panel yielded 141 LUX on our Lux Meter, which is good for a smartwatch display. Furthermore, the display has a decent resolution, and the content is perfectly visible outdoors, even under direct sunlight.

Mivi Model E Review Display

There are a few things that this watch lacks that would have been a good addition to this watch. Those are; a 60Hz refresh rate on this display or an auto-brightness feature. Well, I can’t really complain much, considering the price tag of this watch. Overall, the display on this watch is perfect and perfect for day-to-day usage.

Health Features: Heart Rate and SPO2

The Mivi Model E features all the basic things you need to measure your body’s vitals. It comes with an HR sensor to measure heart rate and a SpO2 sensor to measure the blood oxygen rate. This watch supports continuous heart rate monitoring, and you can turn it off from the settings to save battery.

Apart from the heart rate and blood oxygen, you can also measure your blood pressure on this smartwatch- but again, take it with a grain of salt. Here’s why most smartwatches cannot measure blood pressure.

Mivi Model E has 120 sports modes built into the watch to choose from, it analyzes your every move, but you need to start the activity from the watch interface manually.

One of the very unusual features you see on this smartwatch is that it comes with three built-in games, you can play games on the go on your watch. Let’s move on to the user interface of this smartwatch which impressed me a lot.

Mivi Model E: User Interface

The user interface is one of those things in this watch that impressed me a lot in the Mivi Model E smartwatch. It is one of the most customizable watch interfaces in budget smartwatches.

You get all the usual swipe gestures like swiping up for notifications, swiping down for quick settings, and swiping left for different widgets. There are hundreds of watch faces to download and install on the watch, and custom watch face using your photo is also supported.

You can customize the widget pages completely by removing every widget and keeping only the useful ones. I set the music as the first widget to quickly summon the music controls on my wrist without fiddling around in the menus. The interface is relatively smooth and works great.

The Mivi Health Companion App

The Mivi Health app looks like it is in its initial stage, but it’s built well with a straightforward UI. The watch connects and syncs the data pretty quickly to the app.

All the activities and body vital readings are available on the first page with a beautiful interface, and tapping a particular section shows you more data. All the watch controls and settings are provided in a separate tab which you can navigate by just swiping right or left on the pages.

Mivi Model E: Battery and Connectivity

Mivi Model E Review Battery

Mivi Model E comes with a big battery that can easily give you a week of usage easily with a full charge. Mivi says that the watch can be used on standby mode for about 20 days which is impressive, and the charger tops the watch to 100 percent in under an hour.

You get Bluetooth 5.1 on this watch for quick data sync and stable connectivity. I found no disconnections or connectivity issues during my usage, even the watch face sync is pretty fast too.

Mivi Model E: Pros and Cons

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable straps
  • Big display
  • Built-in Games
  • Good interface
  • Decent battery backup
  • Great pricing

Reasons Not to Buy

  • App needs improvement
  • Screen may feel choppy at times

Mivi Model E Review: Verdict

The Mivi Model E is an amazing product from the brand, considering that this is their first release in the smart wearables category. The watch is priced well according to the features it provides. I can recommend this smartwatch to anyone who is new to smartwatches and doesn’t need Bluetooth calling features.

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