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How to Enable ECG & Blood Pressure on Galaxy Watch 4 (No PC)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 comes with ECG and blood pressure monitoring but is available only in selected regions due to issues with FDA approval. If you own this smartwatch anywhere in the world, be it India or USA, you can still use the ECG and blood pressure monitor with a simple hack. In this article, let’s see how to enable and use ECG and blood pressure on Galaxy Watch 4 in any country.

Enable ECG & Blood Pressure on Galaxy Watch 4

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Enable Blood Pressure & ECG on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Without PC

ECG & Blood Pressure on Galaxy Watch 4 are officially available in the following countries: Austria, UAE, UK, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

How to Use ECG and Blood Pressure on Galaxy Watch 4

Since ECG and Blood Pressure are not available on Galaxy Watch 4 in certain countries, including India, you’ll have to use the Samsung Health Modded app, courtesy of the XDA Developers, to use these features, as shown below.


  • Galaxt Watch and Phone Connected to same WiFi Network
  • Easy Fire Tools App Installed on Your Phone
  • Modded APKs Downloaded on Your Phone (Links Below)

Step 1- Install Samsung Health Mod App on Phone

1. Download the Samsung Health Mod APK for Android using the link given above.

2. Install the APK as you normally do. If doing so for the first time, allow browser the permission to install apps from unknown sources.

3. Open the app and click on the Accept button.

4. Enter your basic details like name, gender, and DOB.

The basic setup is done. You can move on to the next step below!

Step 2- Install Samsung Health Mod on Galaxy Watch 4

The next step involves installing the mod version of Samsung Health Monitor on the Galaxy Watch 4. Once done, both phone and watch will be running the modified versions to unlock ECG and BP.

1. Download the Samsung Health Mod APK for Galaxy Watch 4 from the links above on your phone.

2. Now, swipe up on the home screen of the watch, and go to Settings.

3. Scroll down to the last and click on About Watch.

4. Select Software. Tap on Software version continuously until it shows “Developer mode turned on“.

5. Go back to Settings and click on Developer options.

6. Scroll down and enable ADB debugging.

7. Now, enable the Debug over Wi-Fi option.

8. Wait for a few seconds and it will show the watch’s IP address. Note it down.

9. Next, open the Easy Fire Tools app on your phone and press the hamburger menu on the top left.

10. Select Settings and click the IP Address option.

11. Enter the watch’s IP address you had noted down (without 5555). Click OK.

12. Go back to the app homepage of the app. Click on the Plug icon on the top right corner.

13. Click on Continue and confirm debugging request on the watch to complete authorization.

14. Now, go to the CUSTOM APK FILE section and tap Select file.

15. Select the Samsung Health APK for watch that you downloaded on your phone.

16. Click on Install and select Yes to transfer the app to the watch.

The Samsung Health Monitor APK will be installed on the watch successfully. You can now start using ECG and Blood Pressure on the Galaxy Watch 4 irrespective of which country you’re in.

Step 3- Using ECG on Galaxy Watch 4

To use ECG on the Galaxy Watch 4, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open the Samsung Health Monitor app on the watch.

2. Allow the permission and you will be able to see both Blood pressure and ECG options.

3. Click on ECG. Read the instructions shown and click on OK.

4. Place your finger lightly on the top button while wearing the watch on your wrist.

5. The Galaxy Watch 4 will run ECG for 30 seconds and will show if there are any signs of irregular heartbeat rhythm.

6. You can also add any problem like rapid heartbeat if you are feeling unwell to let the watch better understand your health better.

To check your ECG data in detail, you can use the Samsung Health Monitor app on your phone, as shown below:

1. Open the Samsung Health Monitor app on your phone and click on ECG.

2. Click on Get Started. It will show basic information about using ECG on the Galaxy Watch 4- you can skip it.

3. Select the wrist you’re wearing your Samsung watch- Left or Right. Then, click on Done.

You will now be able to check your ECG report in detail view including the graph. You can further share the report as PDF with others.

Step 4- Using Blood Pressure Monitor on Galaxy Watch 4

To use a blood pressure monitor on Galaxy Watch 4, first of all, you have to calibrate the watch with an upper-arm cuff-based blood pressure monitor. Follow the steps mentioned below to calibrate it:

1. Open Samsung Health Monitor on your phone and click on Calibrate the watch.

2. Click on Next to skip the overview part.

3. Click on Get Started and make sure to wear the watch on your wrist and cuff-based blood pressure monitor on the arm opposite to your watch.

4. Start the blood pressure monitor now and wait for 10 seconds after which, the watch will start measuring your blood pressure.

5. Click on Yes, enter now. Then, enter the systolic and diastolic values that are shown on the blood pressure monitor.

6. Do this measurement two more times as directed by the app. Once calibration is done, click the OK button.

After calibration is finished, you can now measure your blood pressure directly through the watch in the Samsung Health Monitor app. Here are the steps to use blood pressure on Galaxy Watch 4:

1. Open the Samsung Health Monitor app on your watch and select Blood Pressure.

2. Click on Measure and accept the warning.

3. It will measure your blood pressure and show the readings. You can also check your readings in the Samsung Health Monitor app on your phone.

You are required to calibrate the Galaxy Watch 4 with a digital blood pressure machine at least every four weeks.

Bonus- What is ECG and Blood Pressure?

ECG or Electrocardiogram helps to detect the heartbeat rhythm and electrical activity of the heart. The ECG sensor records time and strength that is taken by an electrical signal to make a heartbeat.

Based on these readings, it checks whether a person is having atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeat rhythm. Here’s more about what ECG is and its importance on a smartwatch.

Blood Pressure is measured when a heart pumps blood into the large blood vessels of the human circulatory system. Then the blood moves throughout the body that puts pressure on the vessel walls which is said to be the blood pressure level. Here’s more about blood pressure monitoring on smartwatches.

Wrapping Up

This is how you can enable and use ECG and blood pressure monitor on your Galaxy Watch 4 anywhere in the world. I hope this article helps users in India, the USA, and other countries where ECG and BP features are not yet available. Stay tuned for more such informative content.


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