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5 Ways to Fix Galaxy Watch 4 Charging Slow Or Not Charging

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is an Android smartwatch that runs Google’s Wear OS. It is quite polished, but some users have complained of slow charging problems on the watch. Well, there can be multiple reasons your Galaxy Watch 4 is not charging properly. In this article, we will share five ways to fix Galaxy Watch 4 charging slowly or not charging at all.

Fix Galaxy Watch 4 Charging Problems

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Fix Galaxy Watch 4 Charging Slow or Not Charging At All

Samsung has mentioned that the Galaxy Watch 4 supports only 5-watt input. So, is it wrong to charge it using a 10-watt or a faster charger? Or does it support fast charging at all? Let’s look at answers to these queries as we dive into the solutions for Galaxy Watch 4 charging issues.

1. Charge Watch in a Ventilated Environment

Galaxy Watch 4 Charging Slow Or Not Charging

At times, you may have noticed that the Galaxy Watch 4 slows down the charging speed or stops at a particular percentage for some time. It’s because while charging, both the watch and the dock get hot. And hence, the watch pauses or throttles the charging speed to get back to normal temperatures.

To ensure the Galaxy Watch 4 charges at its fastest speed, charge it in a cool, well-ventilated environment. It would be best to charge it in an air-conditioned room.

2. Use Original Charging Cable

Galaxy Watch 4 Charger

Is the Galaxy Watch 4 not charging with a third-party cable? We’d advise sticking to the original charging cable if that’s the case. If you’ve lost it, consider buying an official one from the Samsung Store. The original cable supports 5W input, i.e., the maximum wattage supported by the watch. It’s also the safest option to charge the Galaxy Watch 4.

3. Use Wall Adapters for Charging

Fast Charging Galaxy Watch 4

Many people use the laptop or desktop computer’s USB port to charge their watch. However, the output from these ports is generally not enough. For instance, a USB 2.0 port can output a charging current of 500 mA or 0.5A. USB 3.0 can deliver up to 900mA or 0.9A, which translates into 4.5 watts, which is still less than the watch’s maximum capacity.

It’s always better to charge your Galaxy Watch 4 with a wall adapter rated 5W or higher. That is, at least 1A of current at 5 Volts. You can also use a 10W charger. The watch will charge at its normal speed, i.e., 0 to 100%, in under 2 hours.

4. Clean Watch’s Rear Panel and Charging Dock

Clean to Fix Galaxy Watch 4 Slow Charging

If your Galaxy Watch 4 is not charging or disconnecting again and aging while charging, it can be because of the dirty surface. The watch’s rear and charging dock need a clean contact for the wireless charging to work correctly. Clean the watch’s back and the charging dock with a soft cloth if it’s covered with lint or dirt.

5. Power Off the Watch While Charging

Like smartphones, turning off your smartwatch while charging can speed up the process. When switched off, the Galaxy Watch 4 will stay cooler with almost no idle power consumption, which otherwise happens due to the active chipset, LTE and Wifi radios, and other functions.

This will help it charge faster than its usual 2-hour speed. You can follow this method to charge the watch quickly when leaving for work or having a quick bath.

Is Your Galaxy Watch 4 Not Charging At All?

Here are some tips to help if your Galaxy Watch 4 won’t charge at all:

  • Force restart your Galaxy Watch.
  • Update software if available.
  • Factory Reset the Galaxy Watch.
  • Try a different wall adapter.
  • Replace the charging cable if faulty.
  • If nothing works, visit an authorized Samsung Service Center to troubleshoot and repair the watch.

Does Galaxy Watch 4 Support Fast Charging?

Unlike its competitor, the Apple Series 7, the Galaxy Watch 4 does not support fast charging. It only supports standard 5-watt charging, which juices up 0-100% in under 2 hours. Even if you use fast chargers from Samsung or Quick Chargers from other brands, the watch will charge at its regular speeds.

But for Samsung fans, we have good news regarding the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5. Rumored to launch in August 2022, the watch may feature 10wfast  charging. It means the new generation will be able to charge 2x faster than the current Galaxy Watch 4.

If you cannot wait and are planning to buy a watch that charges faster, here are the best smartwatches with fast charging you can buy right now in India and the USA.

Wrapping Up

These are the ways to fix Galaxy Watch 4 slow or not charging problems. I hope the above guide helps you charge your watch properly and at faster speeds. If this works for you, tell us your experience in the comments section below. And, stay tuned with WearablesToUse for more helpful articles!


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