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Amazfit GTS 2 Mini New Version vs Old: The Differences

Dubbed as Amazfit GTS 2 Mini New Version, the company has launched a new iteration of the GTS 2 Mini smartwatch which was launched back in 2020. It is almost similar to the previous model but packs subtle differences that you may be curious about. In this article, let’s see the difference between the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini New vs Old version.

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Amazfit GTS 2 Mini New Version (2022) vs Old (2020) Differences

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini New vs Old Version

Old (Sage Green) vs New (Black)

The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini was one of the highest-selling smartwatches by Amazfit last year. This smartwatch received features like Alexa via software update. And now, the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini new version has arrived with the same set of features and minor changes that we will talk about in this article.

1. Design Changes

The first change that you will notice between both is a minor design change. The front look is the same in both watches with the same display size and both have a metallic side frame as well. But, the back of the old version has a glossy plastic finish whereas, the new version comes with a matte plastic finish at the back.

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini New vs Old Version

The strap quality and size are the same in both versions with the same removable pin lock system. So, you can replace the straps with any third-party strap of 20mm. Rest, the other aspects in terms of design are the same.

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Amazfit GTS 2 Mini New vs Old Version

2. GTS 2 Mini New Lacks Barometer, Altimeter

The old version of the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini has a barometer and altimeter but, the new GTS 2 Mini lacks these features. It also affects some sports modes in the new version. The new GTS 2 Mini has only 3 winter sports modes whereas, the old version has a total of 8 winter sports modes. Rest all other sports modes are the same in both versions.

3. GTS 2 Mini New is Cheaper

The main and the big difference in both versions of Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is price. The old version was launched for Rs 6,999 which is also the present price of the watch on Amazon and the brand’s official website. But, the new version of Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is launched for Rs 5,999.

The old version does come for discounted prices in promotional sales on Amazon. But, if you want to buy it now, you can go for the new version at a cheaper price.

Apart from these changes, we did not notice any more differences in the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini new and old versions. However, we did notice a slight reddish tint on the old version of GTS 2 Mini as compared to the new one. But, we have no information if the brand has done some tuning or calibration on the watch’s display.

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Wrapping Up

That’s all the differences between Amazfit GTS 2 Mini’s old and new versions. The best of Amazfit has got cheaper and is still a great value buy, thanks to the AMOLED display, Alexa, and built-in GPS. Do you also have the previous version of Amazfit GTS 2 Mini or you are going to buy the new version, tell us in the comments below. And, stay tuned with WearablesToUse for more informative articles!

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