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20 Questions About Boat Watch Xtend Answered

Boat Watch Xtend is one of the most popular smartwatches under Rs 3000 in India. It comes with interesting features like a good display, premium looks, and built-in Alexa. However, some of you may have doubts about the watch’s specifications, features, connectivity, and more, which can be a dealbreaker. Therefore, in this article, I am going to answer some frequently asked questions or FAQs about the Boat Watch Xtend.

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Boat Watch Xtend FAQ

Here are the most common questions about Boat Watch Xtend that people frequently asked for on the Internet!

Questions Around Connectivity on Boat Watch Xtend

Q. Can we use all features of the Boat Watch Xtend without a Phone?

No, there are some features that you can only use through the phone in the Boat Wave app. This includes detailed health monitoring, tweaking notifications, Alexa settings, and more.

Q. How to get Whatsapp Notifications on Boat Watch Xtend?

You can enable the Whatsapp Notifications from the “Message notifications” section in the Boat Wave app. Alternatively, you can check out our guide to get app notifications on Boat Watch Xtend.

Q. Can we Answer and Reject Calls with a Reply on Boat Watch Xtend?

The watch lets you only reject or mute the call. You cannot send any replies or accept the calls.

Q. How to Connect Boat Watch Xtend to Mobile Phone?

You can connect the watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth using the Boat Wave app.

Q. Can we connect Boat Watch Xtend with iPhone?

Yes, you’ll have to install the Boat Wave app from App Store on your iPhone and connect it via Bluetooth.

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Questions Around Alexa on Boat Watch Xtend

Q. Does Alexa in Boat Watch Xtend works without a Phone?

No. You’ll have to first set up Alexa on the watch through the Boat Wave app and keep it connected to the phone with an active Internet connection.

Q. Can we change the Alexa language on Boat Watch Xtend? Is Hindi available?

Yes, you can select from the languages available under the Amazon Alexa page in the Boat Wave app. Hindi is not supported yet.

Questions around Boat Xtend Build-quality and Manufacturing

Q. Is Boat Watch Xtend made of Metal?

No, this smartwatch is made up of plastic or polycarbonate material.

Q. Is Boat an Indian company?

Yes, Boat is an Indian company.

Q. Is Boat Watch Xtend made in China?

Boat designs their products in India but they manufacture the products in China. So, yes the Boat Watch Xtend is manufactured in China.

Q. Which Colour is best for boat Watch Xtend?

This watch comes in 5 different colors i.e. Sandy Cream, Pitch Black, Charcoal Black, Olive Green, and Deep Blue. You can choose any color which you like the most.

Q. Is Boat Watch Xtend Waterproof?

This watch is 5 ATM Water-resistant which can handle water up to 50 meters for 30 minutes.

Other Questions Around Boat Xtend Features

Q. Does Boat Watch Xtend have a speaker?

No, this watch does not have any speaker but it does have a microphone to use Alexa.

Q. Does Boat Watch Xtend have Music Control feature?

Yes, it has a music control feature through which you can control your phone music from the watch itself.

Q. Can we charge Boat Watch Xtend with Powerbank?

Yes, you can charge it with a Power bank through a USB port with 10w output power.

Q. Can we change the strap of the Boat Watch Xtend?

Yes, the strap of the watch is removable. You can replace it with any compatible 22mm strap available in the market.

Q. Is the Charger available with Boat Watch Xtend in the box?

The watch comes with a magnetic charging cable in the box that you can connect to any standard charger with 5-10W output to charge the watch.

Q. Does the Boat Watch Xtend UI lag and can it be fixed with a software update?

Yes, the UI of the watch lags, and the brand may fix it through software updates if the hardware is capable.

Q. Does Boat Watch Xtend have a Blood Pressure Monitor?

No, it does not have a Blood Pressure monitor. Instead, it comes with Heart Rate and SpO2 Monitor.

Q. Does Boat Watch Xtend has an Always-on display?

No, it does not have an Always-on display feature as it has an LCD display.

Wrapping Up

These were some frequently asked questions around the Boat Watch Xtend that we have answered. I hope this clears all your doubts around the Xtend watch specifications, features, connectivity, and Alexa, and helps you decide whether to buy it or not. For any other questions, comment down below.


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