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3 Ways to Check Smartwatch Display Brightness Levels

The display is one of the most important components of a smartwatch. It is what you use to interact with the watch and its features. And apart from the display type, its brightness levels matter a lot, especially when you intend to use the smartwatch outdoors. But how do you find the peak brightness of any smartwatch? Well, do not worry. Here are easy ways to check and test the display brightness level of any smartwatch.

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How to Check Smartwatch Display Brightness Level

There are three different ways to check the brightness level of your smartwatch’s display. You can find it from the specifications sheet, through e-commerce listings, or test them on your own. Read on.

1. Check Specifications on Manufacturer’s Website

Check Smartwatch Display Brightness Nits

The easiest way to find the actual brightness level of your smartwatch is to check the specifications on the manufacturer’s website. Head to the website of your smartwatch brand and go to the product page. Scroll to the specifications section to see the brightness level mentioned in nits.

In case if it’s not available on the brand’s website, search <smartwatch name> “nits” on Google to see all the web results mentioning the watch’s peak brightness in nits, as shown in the screenshot below.

Check Smartwatch Display Brightness Nits

2. Check Product Listing on E-commerce Platforms

The other way to check the brightness level of your smartwatch is from the e-commerce platform’s listings. Go to Amazon, Flipkart, or any other online shopping platform where your smartwatch is available, and open its product page. Go to the specifications/features section to see if the brightness levels are mentioned.

3. Check Brightness Using Lux Meter

A Lux Meter can help you test the brightness of screens of any phone, smartwatch, and other light-emitting objects. Using it, you can check the actual brightness level of your smartwatch. All you need to do is turn on the flashlight/torch on your smartwatch (or put a white watch face) for accurate measurement and place it on the Lux Meter.

Check Smartwatch Display Brightness Lux Meter

It will show your smartwatch’s brightness level value in lux. Any smartwatch having a brightness higher than 300 lux can be used outdoors without any hassle. If it’s above 500, you’ll get excellent sunlight legibility and can easily read the display content under the sunlight.

Here are some of the budget lux meters you can buy in India:

Bonus: Test the Smartwatch Display Brightness in Daylight


If you have the smartwatch in person, you can get a vague idea about its screen brightness by putting it into real-world testing. Turn up the brightness to its peak and put the smartwatch under direct sunlight. Observe the sunlight’s legibility to see if it’s bright enough. You can also compare it with other smartwatches at your disposal.

Here’s our detailed smartwatch display shootout comparing the brightness and sunlight legibility of popular smartwatches in the market.

Wrapping Up

These were three easy ways to check the brightness level of your smartwatch display. You can check it directly on the brand’s website, if not mentioned there, you can check it using the other ways mentioned. Anyways, are you satisfied with the display of your current smartwatch? Tell us in the comments below, and stay tuned with WearablesToUse for more informative articles!


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