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Top 7 Most Unique Smartwatches in the World (2022)

Over the years, brands have constantly been researching and developing new smartwatch technologies. We now have smartwatches with foldable screens, a projector, self-charging batteries, and whatnot. In this article, let’s look at some of the unique smartwatches in the world having not-so-common technology.

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Smartwatches with Unique Technology in the World

Several brands have experimented with smartwatches- some made it to the public while others are still in the prototype stage. Below, we’ve mentioned some exciting smartwatches that are unique in some or other aspects. Read on.

1. Nubia Watch: The Foldable Display Smartwatch

Nubia Watch is the world’s first smartwatch to come with a foldable or flexible wraparound display. It has a 4.01-inch flexible AMOLED display that you can wear like a mini folding display on your wrist.

The bigger and curved display lets you do much more tasks. The screen is scratch resistant to the extent you need not worry about. Plus, the watch incorporates ceramic material combined with aluminium alloy for durability.

Coming to the features, you can pinch the display from both sides to turn off the screen. It also includes a high-precision heart rate monitor with continuous tracking and Bluetooth calling. The unique design makes it one of the exciting smartwatches.

Alongside the standard model, Nubia also sells Alpha which is another folding display smartwatch in the brand’s arsenal. The Nubia Watch costs $219 while the Alpha is priced at $299.

Other brands like Oppo and IBM, too, have patented foldable display smartwatches. While foldable phones are already here, we may see the same trend in future smart wearables.

2. LumiWatch: Smartwatch with a Projector

LumiWatch- Unique Smartwatch with Projector

LumiWatch is a prototype unveiled by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and ASU Tech. This is a unique smartwatch that projects a functional display area on the hand which you can tap and swipe, just like a regular smartwatch.

The watch can project an interface of up to 40 square centimetres, roughly five times bigger than a regular smartwatch, as said by researchers.

LumiWatch comprises a logic board that contains a projector, depth sensor, metal enclosure, and battery. The projector uses RGB lasers to project the bright enough interface to be visible in outdoor conditions.

It features a scanned-laser projector of 15 lumens, continuous 2D finger tracking, a 1.2GHz quad-core CPU by Qualcomm, 768MB of RAM, 4GB of memory, and a 740mAh battery. It also has Bluetooth and WiFi support.

That said, the watch prototype is bulky enough to be measured more than any standard aluminium case watch. The researchers have estimated the retail cost of this prototype model to be around $600.

Several other brands have showcased their projector smartwatches like Haier’s Asu Watch, which has a projector that projects the information on your hand like steps count, calories burnt, and more.

3. MATRIX PowerWatch 2: The Self-Charging Smartwatch

MATRIX PowerWatch 2 is the brand’s second edition in this series, with a self-charging battery as its main highlight. It sounds a bit magical, but, indeed, you don’t need to charge the watch ever.

This PowerWatch features thermoelectric technology that uses body heat to keep it charged. Besides charging through heat particles of your body, it can also charge through solar power from the sun.

Talking about other features, it can detect the skin temperature and record your health data like steps, calories, sleep, heart rate, etc. It also features Assisted GPS for fast satellite acquisition and batter tracking.

The PowerWatch 2 has a rugged-like build quality, which, when coupled with the never lasting battery, makes it ideal for hiking, trekking, or usage in remote areas.

This is not the only solar charging or self-charging smartwatch. You also have other options like Garmin Instinct Solar is a Rugged smartwatch that can be charged in both solar and manual ways. Then, there’s Sequent SuperCharger Kinetic Smartwatch which uses a self-charging electro-mechanical embedded system (SEMES) that transforms kinetic energy into electrical energy for charging the battery.

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4. VOIXATCH- Smartwatch Cum Bluetooth Headset

VOIXATCH is the first smartwatch with an in-built detachable Bluetooth headset. The watch has a ring-shaped Bluetooth headset attached to the watch. You can detach it to take calls or listen to music on the go.

It is an LTE + GPS smartwatch and allows cellular calling via the connected headset. It also has a hanging clip through which you can hang it on your ear perfectly. The Bluetooth headset is swappable, and it comes in different colours to customize the watch’s look.

It also has all the standard features of a smartwatch like health tracking, notifications, app support, and more.

An alternative to Voicatch is Soulfit Sonic Talkband, a fitness tracker that can track your activities and health data and doubles up as a Bluetooth headset. You can say it is a hybrid device that works as both- a smart band and headset.

5. Amazfit X: The Curved Smartwatch

The Amazfit X is an innovative fitness smartwatch with a premium curved design. It has a 2.07-inch 3D arc-shaped AMOLED display which looks like a circular screen band.

Not only this, but it also has a Titanium Alloy uni-body that features pressure-sensitive buttons instead of not physical buttons. It has a linear motor for haptic feedback and textured vibrations.

This smart band flaunts a seven-day battery life, heart rate, SpO2 monitor, PAI health assistant, 5 ATM Water-resistance, and other useful features. All of it makes it a perfect fitness band with a unique display and a premium build quality.

6. SGNL Smart Strap: Calling on Your Fingertips

SGNL is not a smartwatch but a smart strap that can be attached to any compatible-sized smartwatch. This smart strap can be separately connected to your phone and smartwatch and can also be worn without a smartwatch.

The strap has different sensors which allow you to take a phone call and talk through your fingertips. Yes, you heard it right. It uses a Body Conduction Unit (BCU) to answer your phone via the SGNL strap and your fingertip placed on the ear.

The caller’s sound is transferred via vibration through your body, which is then amplified by the ear chamber for you to hear it. Based on studies, the signal loss is minor at an average voice frequency of 2000 Hz. This allows it to make your finger function as an earphone.

After a single full charge, it can give up to 4 hours of Talktime or seven days in standby mode. The SGNL smart strap is dust and water-resistant and can handle rain, splashes, and even desert sand.

7. Withings ScanWatch: Unique Hybrid Smartwatch

ScanWatch is a hybrid smartwatch that is made for classic lovers. This watch has a classic round dial with an analogue clock that looks normal, but it has a surprise inside in the form of a tiny display that makes it unique from others.

It can measure essential health parameters like heart rate, SpO2, ECG, and AFib. You also get a dedicated ECG sensor that helps to detect proactive heart rate continuously to keep check about Atrial Fibrillation.

The watch has received FDA clearance for its Oximetry (SpO2) and ECG features. You can test your ECG anytime and share your report with your doctor through the Health Mate app. The oximeter is clinically valid and is accurate for checking blood oxygen saturation.

ScanWatch comes with a long-lasting battery life of up to thirty days. The combination of both classic and modern features, alongside the durability and good battery life, make it an exciting smartwatch to look forward to.

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What’s your Favorite Unique Smartwatch?

These were some unique smartwatches in the world that will amuse you with the technology and innovation they bring to the table. We particularly like the LumiWatch for its futuristic projector display. Anyways, which one do you like the most? Have anything else to recommend? Feel free to reach out.


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