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Realme Watch 3 Pro vs OnePlus Nord Watch: Real-Life Comparison

OnePlus released its first smartwatch under the Nord series (review) to provide premium features at affordable prices. At Rs 4,999, this watch offers a great design and an AMOLED display. Having said that, it already had a competitor in the market- the Realme Watch 3 Pro (review), which offers great features for more or less the same price. So, let’s head to Realme Watch 3 Pro vs OnePlus Nord Watch comparison to see which one fairs better in real-world usage.

Realme Watch 3 Pro vs OnePlus Nord Watch Comparison

Realme Watch 3 Pro vs Nord Watch: Full Comparison

Specs Comparision

Realme Watch 3 Pro OnePlus Nord Watch
Build Polycarbonate Metal case
Water Resistance IP 68 IP 68
Display 1.78 Inches AMOLED, 60Hz 368×448, 325 PPI, 500Nits 1.78 Inches AMOLED, 60Hz 368×448, 326PPI, 500Nits
Straps 22mm, Silicon material 20mm, Silicon
Sensors Accelerometer sensor, Heart rate & SpO2 Blood Oxygen Saturation sensor 3-axis accelerometer, Optical heart rate sensor, and blood oxygen sensor
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.3 Bluetooth 5.2
Battery 345mAh 230mAh

Realme Watch 3 Pro vs Nord Watch: Build and Design

Realme Watch 3 Pro vs Nord Watch Design

The smartwatches look very similar in design with a chrome finish on the case but differ greatly in build quality. The Realme Watch 3 Pro got a silver chrome finish, whereas the one on the Nord Watch has a dark blue tint. The Realme Watch 3 Pro chassis is made from polycarbonate, while the Nord Watch’s case is crafted out of Zinc Alloy metal.

OnePlus Nord Watch, made from metal, is a bit heavier at 51 grams than the Realme Watch 3 Pro, which weighs 41 grams. Both the watches got polycarbonate back with the sensor module bump and magnetic charging points.

We see a multifunction button on the right side of both smartwatches. These smartwatches can be used in showers, rain, and mild splashes and dips, thanks to the IP68 rating for water and dust resistance.

Coming to the straps, the Realme Watch 3 Pro comes with 22 mm silicon straps with a polycarbonate buckle. On the other hand, the Nord Watch comes with smaller 20 mm silicon straps with a metal buckle.

The straps on both smartwatches feel premium and feel great on the skin. The straps on Nord Watch got a pattern going on, and this strap is stiffer than Watch 3 Pro’s straps.

Realme Watch 3 Pro vs Nord Watch: Display

Realme Watch 3 Pro vs Nord Watch Display

The display on both is the best you can get on any affordable smartwatch. Both come with a square 1.78 inches AMOLED display with a 60Hz refresh rate. The screen reportedly has a peak brightness of 500 nits.

In our testing with the Lux meter, we got 498 lux on Watch 3 Pro and 463 lux on Nord Watch. The user interface animations are smooth on either display, thanks to the 60Hz high refresh rate panel.

Outdoor visibility on both smartwatches is perfect. The bold text is readable even under direct sunlight. Unfortunately, the smartwatches lack an Auto brightness feature, so manual adjustment is needed whenever you want to change the brightness.

While both are AMOLED screens, only the Realme Watch 3 Pro offers the Always On Display feature. This gives it an edge over the latter. Although, OnePlus may bring AOD to its Nord Watch via OTA updates as it did with the original OnePlus Watch.

Realme Watch 3 Pro vs Nord Watch: User Interface

Realme Watch 3 Pro vs Nord Watch UI

The user interface on both smartwatches is smooth and snappy because of the 60Hz display. The notification can be seen by swiping up on the screen, and swiping down on the screen brings down the quick toggles.

Swiping across switches different widgets for workout details, heart rate, SpO2, and sleep. The Realme Watch 3 shows music controls here as a very convenient widget.

Talking about the watch faces, both smartwatches got five watch faces saved on the watch itself. More can be set on the watches using the respective app. However, the OnePlus Nord watch lacks the option to add custom watch faces to the watch.

N Health vs Realme Link Companion App

OnePlus created a separate app for its Nord smartwatches called N Health. This app has a very familiar interface with health on the home page, and the rest settings are on the “Me” page. On the other hand, Realme uses its Realme Link app.

Realme is using this app for all its smart devices, including smartwatches and TWS headphones. And hence, the OnePlus counterpart feels more polished and less crowded.

Realme Watch 3 Pro vs Nord Watch: Features

Realme Watch 3 Pro vs Nord Watch Features

The smartwatches are very similar in features; you get notifications, measure body vitals, and measure your daily workouts. But again, Realme Watch 3 Pro takes the win with its Bluetooth calling feature through the mic and loudspeaker provided on the watch.

Bluetooth calling could be a deciding factor when buying one of these smartwatches. In our experience, the calling worked great on the Realme watch with clear audio for both parties.

Realme Watch 3 Pro vs Nord Watch: Health Sensors

Both Nord Watch and Realme Watch 3 Pro get a heart-rate sensor, a SpO2 sensor, and an accelerometer to count steps. The sensors yielded similar results and were quite accurate compared to Oximeter. You get continuous HR monitoring on both smartwatches, which can be seen as a graph on the respective app.

Realme Watch 3 Pro also has built-in standalone GPS to track your activities and workouts, while the Nord Watch lacks any type of positioning. This is a notable feature Realme provides in its watch since most people buy watches to track fitness.

Realme Watch 3 Pro vs Nord Watch: Battery and Charging

Realme Watch 3 Pro vs Nord Watch Battery

There is a big difference in the battery capacity of the smartwatches, but surprisingly, both brands claim up to 10 days of typical use time. OnePlus Nord watch has a 230 mAh battery, while Watch 3 Pro has a 345 mAh battery.

During my testing, I got almost a week of battery life with minimal Bluetooth calling on Realme Watch 3 Pro. If you use GPS more often on this watch, the battery may die sooner than a week. Whereas, the Nord watch can easily give you two weeks of run time with a single charge with continuous HR monitoring enabled.

Final Verdict

The Realme Watch 3 Pro and Nord Watch both give intense competition to each other. OnePlus Nord Watch beats the Watch 3 Pro at build quality. At the same time, the Realme Watch 3 Pro takes the lead in features like AOD and Bluetooth calling.

To make your decision better, if you only look for better build quality in a watch, go for Nord Watch. But if features like Bluetooth calling, AOD, and GPS are a matter of priority, then Realme Watch 3 Pro would be an ideal smartwatch to pick from the duo.



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