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How to Use Fire-Boltt, TAGG, and Boat Smartwatches as Bluetooth Speakers

We have tested multiple budget smartwatches with Bluetooth calling so far. And since these watches have built-in speakers, it opens another possibility of using them as remote speakers. We get it- why would one want to use a smartwatch’s tiny speaker for listening to music? But there’s always room for a little fun, right? Throughout our testing, we found that some of the Fire-Boltt, Tagg, and Boat smartwatches can be used as Bluetooth speakers for your phone. Read on.

Use Smartwatch as Bluetooth Speaker

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Using Calling Smartwatches as Bluetooth Speakers

We have lately discovered some Bluetooth-calling smartwatches by brands like Fire-Boltt, TAGG, Noise, and other budget smartwatch manufacturers. Any brand does not officially market this feature, but some models do support it.

How to Use Your Smartwatch as a Bluetooth Speaker

Here, some smartwatches show an option to share smartphone audio with the smartwatch. Provided it supports, you can make your smartwatch a Bluetooth speaker and you can play songs, videos, and any other type of audio from your phone on the watch. Let’s see how to enable and use this feature!

How Does it Work?

These budget Bluetooth calling smartwatches running RTOS need to be paired separately from the phone’s Bluetooth setting for the calling to work. And when you enable this feature, the whole audio from the phone gets re-routed to the smartwatch’s speaker. It’s like mirroring the phone’s audio to the smartwatch.

Use Smartwatch as a Bluetooth Speaker

Any movie, songs, videos, and even the touch sound on phone will be transferred to the watch’s speaker, similar to a Bluetooth earphone. And this way, you can use your Bluetooth calling smartwatch as a wireless speaker if your phone’s speaker is not working properly or you want to hear a podcast or news on your wrist on the go.

Steps to Use Your Smartwatch as a Bluetooth Speaker

As we said, not all Bluetooth-calling smartwatches support this trick. But, you can check whether your smartwatch is ready to use as a Bluetooth speaker or not. Below, we’ll use the Fire-Boltt Ring 3 smartwatch to show you how to check the same:

Step 1: Open Bluetooth Settings on your phone.

Step 2: Scan for devices and select the watch name.

Step 3: Confirm the Bluetooth Pairing Request on both the phone and watch.

Step 4: Once paired, tap the settings icon next to the smartwatch name.

Step 5: Here, check if it shows the Audio or Media toggle. If yes, enable it.

If the audio toggle is not visible in the device’s Bluetooth settings, it means your watch does not support this trick. Remember that only smartwatches with Bluetooth calling can be paired in the Bluetooth device list for calling.

And, if your smartwatch is enabled for audio, you can start using it as a Bluetooth speaker from now onwards. You can play anything on your phone and the audio will come out from the watch’s speaker.

Bonus: Use Bluetooth Calling Smartwatches as Stereo Speakers

Another interesting thing we discovered while testing is that these smartwatches can double up as stereo Bluetooth speakers for your phone, if on Bluetooth v 5.0. Yes, sounds interesting already, so if you have two such smartwatches at your disposal, here’s how to make it work.


  • Both smartwatches support Bluetooth 5.0
  • Both smartwatches have Bluetooth calling feature
  • Your phone supports Bluetooth 5.0
  • The audio option is available for both smartwatches in Bluetooth settings

All you need to do is connect both watches with your phone and enable the audio toggles for them. And, you can now play any audio on both smartwatches simultaneously in a stereo setup.

Bluetooth Calling Smartwatches as Speakers

Again, there’s very limited use of this hack. It’s more of a fun exercise except for the case where your phone’s speaker is not working properly.

Wrapping Up

This was all about how you can use budget Bluetooth calling smartwatches from Fire-Boltt, TAGG, and Boat as Bluetooth speakers. It is an interesting thing to get the most benefit from your smartwatch’s speaker. Share your experience using this trick in the comments below, and stay tuned with WearablesToUse for more interesting articles!



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