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Google Pixel Watch Specs, OS, Features and Questions Answered

While it’s not uncommon for prototype images to leak on the web, the Pixel Watch’s prototype has surprisingly slipped out of the company’s possession, exposing it to the masses. Yes, Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch is going rounds on the internet after being lost and found at a restaurant in the US. Thanks to the same, we now have information about the Pixel Watch design, potential features, size, and other questions answered in this detailed FAQ. Read on.

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Google Pixel Watch FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A Reddit user having the Pixel Watch in his possession has leaked images online via Android Central. The smartwatch matches the previously leaked renders. And while it couldn’t turn on properly, it does give off a lot of useful information. Basis the leaked photos, rumors, and other information available online, below are some important questions answered about the upcoming Pixel Watch from Google.

What is the size of the Google Pixel Watch?

Pixel Watch Size

The Pixel Watch looks slightly smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm. It would be safe to presume that the watch has a 42-44mm dial size. But we’re hoping Google will also be selling a smaller 40mm version. The image shows Pixel Watch side-by-side with Apple Watch 40mm and Galaxy Watch 46mm.

What are the Dimensions of the Pixel Watch?

Pixel Watch in Hand

As per the Reddit user claiming to have measured it with digital calipers, the Pixel Watch is roughly 1/2-inch thick and 1 1/2-inches in diameter, which translates to about 13mm x 40mm.

How is the Pixel Watch Build Quality? Is it Metal?

Pixel Watch Metal

The user claims the Pixel Watch to have a solid, Apple Watch-like build quality. It has a metal frame with curved edges that plush well with the display. However, the poster also mentions that it’s very glassy and glossy and not a rugged watch by any means.

What Color Options Will Pixel Watch Come in?

The Pixel Watch is rumored to arrive in two colors- Black and Silver, which can be paired with different band styles. We may also see a third Gold color.

Do You Get Curve Screen on Pixel Watch Screen? How’s the Bezel?

Pixel Watch Display Bezel

The Pixel Watch has a curved screen upfront that seamlessly merges the chassis. It is followed by small bezels around the corners- it is not a completely bezel-less screen as far as the prototype is concerned.

Does Pixel Watch Have Physical Buttons or a Crown?

Pixel Watch Buttons Crown

The Pixel Watch seems to have two buttons on the right. Sitting between them is a metallic crown with grooves on it, followed by a hole- probably the microphone or altimeter. The buttons will likely be used to turn on or off the watch, go back to the home screen, or toggle the Recent app screen. At the same time, the crown can be used to scroll up and down.

Can Pixel Watch Be Charged Wirelessly?

As per the Reddit user, the Pixel Watch supports wireless charging. However, it probably is locked to support Qi charging. Of all the wireless chargers tried by the user, the charger detects it momentarily but then stops.

Can It Charge Via Reverse Wireless Charging from Pixel Phones?

The user tried charging the Pixel Watch via reverse wireless charging on the Pixel 6, but it did not work. As of yet, there’s no clarity on whether Pixel Watch supports regular wireless charging or involves proprietary stuff. It could also be a software restriction on the unit.

What Straps Does the Pixel Watch Support?

Looking at the images, the Pixel Watch uses proprietary bands from Google. As per leaks, the watch may arrive with support for 20 styles of watch straps.

What Health Features to Expect on Pixel Watch?

Pixel Watch Fitbit

The back of the Pixel Watch shows a black frame with an oval-shaped health-tracking sensor. The previous renders revealed that the watch has step tracking, heart rate, and Fitbit integration (also a Google company).

We also expect other standard features like Stress Monitoring and Blood Oxygen. It will be a surprise if Google adds ECG, Blood Pressure, or something like Body Composition available on the latest Galaxy Watch.

Is the Pixel Watch Waterproof?

Looking at the watch case and the standards set by the competition, it would be safe to assume that the Pixel Watch will have waterproofing. We may see a 5ATM + IP68 combination.

What OS Will Pixel Watch Run On?

Pixel Watch Wear OS

With the limited charge, the user could only boot it to the boot screen with the G logo. It could be that the full OS wasn’t loaded to the device. Anyways, the Pixel Watch is likely to run the Wear OS 3.1 developed by Google. We’ve seen the new Wear OS 3 on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and hoping to see the pure version of the same on the Pixel smartwatch.

Which Processor Powers the Pixel Watch?

The Pixel Watch is “assumed” to be powered by the Samsung Exynos chipset, similar to Galaxy Watches. For starters, the previously launched Galaxy Watch 4 was powered by the Exynos W920 chipset, which is a 5nm 1.18GHz CPU with two ARM Cortex-A55 cores.

What Other Features Are Expected on Pixel Watch?

Pixel Watch Banana

We may see shows motion gestures on the Google Pixel Watch to skip songs on Spotify, navigate the menu, and wave our hands. It will also support voice calls and Map integration. And being a Google watch, there might be advanced Google Assistant features.

Is the Latest Pixel Watch Leak a Marketing Plot?

It is unclear if an employee legitimately forgot the Pixel Watch at the restaurant or if it’s a marketing scheme plotted by Google. As per the Reddit user u/tagtech414, a friend of theirs- a bartender found the watch at the restaurant they were working at. They held on to it, waiting for someone to claim it, but when no one did, it was given to him due to his fascination for tech.

When Will the Pixel Watch Launch?

If rumors are to be believed, the Pixel Watch could be released alongside the Pixel 7 smartphone during the Google I/O next month, scheduled for 11 May 2022 to 12 May 2022.

What Other Variants to Expect?

Besides Pixel Watch, Google may also launch a sport-oriented version called Pixel Watch Fit. It would have thick bezels and may cost around $400. There are also rumors of Google launching the main model itself as Pixel Watch Fit, turning down the possibility of another model.

What is the Expected Price of the Pixel Watch?

Pixel Watch Price

We do not have any concrete information about the Pixel Watch price. However, Google is definitely going to price it at a premium, competing with Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch in the space.

The Galaxy Watch 4 starts at $249.99, whereas the Apple Watch Series 7 starts at $399. Similarly, the Pixel Watch may be priced at around $400, which would make it the most expensive mainstream smartwatch without the Apple moniker.

Wrapping Up

These were some commonly asked questions about the upcoming Pixel Watch from Google. We discussed all possible specifications and features basis the currently available information and photos about the Google smartwatch. The article will be updated as and when new information makes its way to us. Till then, bookmark the page and stay tuned to WearablesToUse.

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