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Top 8 Mi Band 6 Features Missing on Redmi Smart Band Pro

Following the Mi Band 6, Xiaomi recently introduced the Redmi Smart Band Pro as an advanced version of the former. The new Smart Band Pro adds new features like an always-on display, but at the same time, it sheds some of the previous-gen features. In this article, let’s look at some of the Mi Smart Band 6 features missing on the Redmi Smart Band Pro.

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Mi Smart Band 6 Features Missing on Redmi Smart Band Pro

After using both the fitness bands extensively over time, we can say that the Mi Smart Band 6 currently offers more features than the Redmi Smart Band Pro.

Xiaomi may add them to the latter via updates, but they are absent for now, which can be a dealbreaker for many, especially the Mi Band 6 users planning to upgrade to the larger Redmi Smart Pro. Read on.

1. PAI Health Assessment

PAI or Personal Activity Intelligence System is a health score that measures the health of your heart impacted by physical activities. It provides personalized scores based on your heart rate and personal data like weight, height, and goals.

It also reminds you to complete daily tasks for better health and tracks your daily activity data. If you maintain a PAI score of 100% weekly, then it reduces an average risk of 25% cardiovascular disease mortality.

Mi Smart Band 6 comes with PAI built-in, but the Redmi Smart Band Pro does not. You can see the PAI data chart option in the app, but it doesn’t work in Redmi Smart Band Pro.

2. Quick Reply to Incoming Calls

Quick Reply is a helpful feature that allows you to send quick messages to incoming calls directly from the band. When you receive a call, it will show a notification on the band along with quick replies that you can tap to send instantly.

You can edit the preloaded replies or even add new custom replies in the band. Unfortunately, the Redmi Smart Band Pro doesn’t have this feature.

3. Find the Band

Find Band is a common feature that comes in most smartwatches and is available on the Mi Smart Band 6 as well. It lets you find your band if you have misplaced it.

The band will vibrate strongly so that you can hear the vibration if it is around you. This feature will only work if the band is connected to the phone and Bluetooth range. As of yet, we couldn’t find it on the Redmi Smart Band Pro.

4. Goals Alert

Goals alert is a simple but useful feature that comes in the Mi Smart Band 6. This feature vibrates the band every time you reach a goal you have set. It can be steps goal, calories burnt goal, or any other.

You can enable this feature in the Xiaomi Wear app after connecting the Mi Smart Band 6. But again, this is one of the Mi Band 6 features missing in the Redmi Smart Band Pro.

5. Unlock Laptop Feature

Mi Smart Band 6 lets you wirelessly unlock your Mi Notebook laptop. You cannot unlock other laptops with it because this feature is only compatible with Mi Notebook for now.

Being a Xiaomi sub-brand product, you may expect the Redmi Smart Band to have the feature, but unfortunately, it’s not available here.

6. Night Mode for Display

The Night mode feature in the Mi Smart Band 6 is beneficial during the night. When enabled, the band automatically dims the display brightness during the specified time.

It makes the display easier for your eyes and saves the battery for the band to run longer. You will miss this feature in the Redmi Smart Band Pro if you are a Mi Smart Band 6 user.

7. Change Vibration for Different Notifications

We can change the vibration level in many smart bands and smartwatches, but using different vibrations for different types of notifications is quite unique.

On Mi Band 6, you can create different vibration patterns for different notifications like apps, calls, reminders, goals, etc. Redmi should have given this feature in the Redmi Smart Band Pro to make it more productive.

8. World Clock

World clock is another feature available on Mi Smart Band 6 but missing on the Redmi Smart Band Pro. Using it, you can add the time of different countries on your band to check the difference in time of different countries.

You can select countries you want to see the time on your brand in the Xiaomi Wear app. Sadly, the Redmi Smart Band Pro does not have this feature as well.

Mi Band 6 vs Redmi Smart Band Pro- Which Has More Features?

These were some of the features of the Mi Smart Band 6 that are missing on the Redmi Smart Band Pro. Going by the list, the former definitely has more features. Some of the utilities like unlocking Mi Notebook and PAI can be a dealbreaker for many people. That said, we hope Xiaomi provides some of these features via OTA on the Smart Pro in the coming time. Anyways, what do you think about it? Tell us via comments.


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